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Diamond Power Session - Hong Kong

17 Sep 2015

Seminar Outline

These days differentiating natural diamonds from laboratory-grown (synthetic) diamonds becomes more and more difficult.

Professional grading labs such as HRD Antwerp have the expertise and equipment to identify synthetic diamonds but the financial cost of these examinations often outweighs the value of small diamonds. The development of an automatic melee screening device therefore deemed necessary.

To that aim WTOCD, the Antwerp research centre for diamonds collaborating  with HRD Antwerp, has developed the M-Screen, a super-fast table-top automatic melee screener which will be commercialized by HRD Antwerp.

This presentation provides in-depth information on synthetic diamonds, screening and detection methodology and the M-Screen.  Live demonstrations of the M-Screen are scheduled at the HRD Antwerp booth AWE 5B22.