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AWDC Café Discover how UNIZO can strengthen your business 

26 Sep 2018

We kindly invite you to the next AWDC Café: “Discover how UNIZO can strengthen your business”

UNIZO supports 110,000 entrepreneurs from 120 sectors. They can always count on UNIZO, the largest entrepreneurial organization in Flanders and Brussels, to have their back. UNIZO represents and defends their interests at all decision-making levels. It also assists them with practical information, advice, and specialized services in social, financial, legal and environmental areas, among others. Above all, UNIZO organizes hundreds of meetings, training sessions, and commercial activities, so entrepreneurs can learn and strengthen their network. 

Would you like to know how UNIZO can boost your business? Then make sure you attend our next AWDC Café: ‘Discover how UNIZO can strengthen your business’. Come and give them a chance to get to know you. 

Send your entrepreneurial questions in advance to, so UNIZO can discuss them during the ADWC Café.



12:00: Welcome, registration & walking lunch

12:30: Start seminar

13:30: Q&A 

14:00: End