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AD Academy - Kimberley Process & AD Networking event - Pretoria

23 Oct 2013

AD Academy - Kimberly Process & AD Networking Event

Belgian (Princely) Economic Mission to South Africa

In the presence of

Mr. Didier Reynders, Federal Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and European Affairs
Mr. Kris Peeters, Minister-President and Minister for Economy, Foreign Policy, Agriculture and Rural Policy, Government of Flanders

In the first stage of this Economic Mission, the program entails high-level meetings between South African and Belgian high officials, networking opportunities and workshops, connecting Belgian companies from a wide array of industries with their South African counterparts. Considering how Antwerp and South Africa share long and mutually beneficial relationships as the founding centres of the modern diamond industry, not in the least in the development of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), this Mission is the perfect opportunity to strengthen the ties between the two diamond strongholds.

Therefore, during this Mission, on October 23rd, AWDC will organise a KP dedicated Seminar, officially inaugurated by and in the presence of HE Minister of Mines Susan Shabangu and HE Minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders, including a round table that will focus on the instrumental roles of both South-Africa and Antwerp in the KPCS. Ten years on since its start, it is clear that both centres are prepared to continue their leadership roles and take up their duties in maintaining and reinforcing the KP. In conclusion of this event, AWDC organises an exclusive networking cocktail that will enable participants to network with local diamond companies and government officials.