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AD Jobs - Applicants

How to create a login/account/profile?

You can create your own login. How? Go to – at the top of the screen you will see ‘applicant login’ – click on 'Register' under ‘login’. From now you will find a number of fill-in screens. If you have gone over all screens, click 'save' and you will have successfully created a 'login/account/profile'. From now on you can apply directly to the vacancies.

How to modify my profile?

By logging in again and modifying the relevant data in the fill-in fields. If you click on 'save' after that, your information will have been adjusted.

Are all vacancies in the diamond sector posted on AD JOBS?

AD JOBS contains all vacancies published by diamond companies or companies related to the industry.

What is the difference between 'Jobs in the sector' and 'Jobs at AWDC'?

As a sector federation AWDC offers the possibility to diamond companies to use AD JOBS to post their vacancies. These vacancies are listed under 'Jobs in the sector'. These jobs are vacant within those specific diamond companies and not at AWDC. AWDC only facilitates the website. 
In addition, AWDC is sometimes looking for new employees. These vacancies are listed under 'Jobs at AWDC'.

Can I receive a notification when a new job is posted online?

By registering for the two-weekly AD JOBS newsletter you will get an overview of the newest jobs in the sector and/or at AWDC. You can register when you are logged in.

How to apply for a vacancy?

If you are logged in and click on the vacancy (vacancies) you want to apply for, you will see 'apply for this job' at the top right. A new screen will be displayed which gives you the opportunity to modify your profile and/or add documents, if required.
Caution! You can only submit your application once for each job.

I have not received a reply to my application. Who can I contact to see if they have seen my CV?

You can contact the company by phone to inquire about the progress of the selection procedure.

Can I publish my CV somewhere for the whole sector to see, to ensure that companies can contact me?

This is not currently an option.

How can I be sure that my application arrived at the company?

You will receive an automatic message after sending your application. 

Where can I find an overview of my applications?

If you are logged in to AD JOBS, you can find the overview of all jobs you applied for under 'my applications'.