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AML & Compliance Webinar: How to complete /use your in-house AML policy- Certificate will be provided

Antwerp Diamond Seminar
25 Jan 2023
AML & COMPLIANCE WEBINAR: How to use the AWDC AML policy template
REGISTER NOW: 25 JANUARY 2023: 10am – 11am

According to AML legislation, every company should have an AML policy. AWDC provides a draft AML policy for diamond companies to use and adapt to their AML practices. During this one-hour webinar, we explain how to use the AWDC AML policy. 

If you have any further questions, contact Trisevgeni Stavropoulos, Head of Compliance,



You are about to register for this webinar, please make sure to follow the checklist below:

  • Please make sure to check the spelling of your name and company name before you submit your registration, as AWDC is going to use this information to issue your certificate. 
  • AWDC will monitor your presence during the webinar, therefore we ask you to use your first and last name as your username on Zoom (same information as you filled out on the AWDC website) so we can easily identify you. 
  • Please type your questions in the Q&A box not in the chat box.
  • It can take up to two weeks for you to received the certificate.