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Antwerp Diamond Tender Facility


When we look at Antwerp's figures on rough trading, the fact that 8 out 10 of all mined diamonds passing through Antwerp is clearly reflected in the statistics: on a total world production of approximately $14,2 billion, we can see Antwerp imports of rough amount to a total of $11.2 billion.
This clearly indicates that Antwerp is and remains the preferred rough trading hub in the industry. The reason is simple; Antwerp has the critical mass necessary to absorb productions without negatively influencing the market. Through this critical mass - through the presence of more than 1850 local companies, combined with a growing number of foreign buyers especially from the Far-East - we can guarantee the best market price.
We are, in short, the market and partner of choice.
And Antwerp has taken another step forward. When we launched the Antwerp Diamond Masterplan early 2012, one of the key projects defined was to actively increase our reach by exploring new markets, bringing even more rough to Antwerp. Now, that vision is put into practice through the opening for business of our Antwerp Diamond Tender Facility; anindependent, fully-fledged, 'triple A' facility that enables companies to tender their goods right in the heart of the largest and leading marketplace.

The Antwerp Diamond Tender Facility is a service tool that offers diamond companies the opportunity toeasily tender their goods right at the heart of the world’s leading rough diamond trade center.
Companies can use the facility and organize their tenders much more easily and efficiently, in a secure environment.  AWDC nor KRING organize tenders, the ATF only includes the rent of the facility and its services.
The facility includes a lounge area, a control room, restrooms, kitchenette and seven separate viewing rooms in various sizes; 4 rooms for 4 persons, 2 rooms for 2 and one large room for 4 people.
In the lounge area clients can relax or talk business, or watch a range of international tv channels while enjoying a hot or cold drink. The entire facility is equipped with WiFi internet access.
Each viewing room is fully furnished with all the required tools; carat scales, loupes and magnifying instruments, dazor led lights, tweezers, gauges, scoops, sorting pads, blacklights, calculators,...
It is the only Triple A, fully fledged tender facility in the Antwerp diamond square mile. The facility includes state-of-the-art video and access control.