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Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair

27 - 29 Jan 2013

 Antwerp hosts fourth Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair, January 27 - 29


From January 27 to 29, 2013, the prestigious bourse trading halls of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse and the Antwerp Diamond Club will be the scene of the 4th edition of the invitation-only diamond trade fair.

The Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair, strongly supported by AWDC, highlights Antwerp’s commitment to the international polished diamond business. It is a unique commercial initiative that rightfully brings the international scene to Antwerp, reaffirming our position as diamond capital of the world for rough ànd polished.

Now in its fourth year, the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair is a fixed appointment on the international diamond calendar.  The group of exhibitors and sponsors that link up with the Fair is an exquisite example of Antwerp’s world-class diamond professionals.  AWDC applauds the Bourse and Club for the professional and excellent execution of this event. 

 AWDC wishes all visitors a warm welcome, we are confident Antwerp will continue to surprise and delight you.  

 For more information, check the Antwerp Diamond Trade Fair website