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Antwerp Diamond Year - Get involved!

Recently, an edict from 1447 was found in the City of Antwerp’s archives, referring to the first traces of a diamond trade in Antwerp. During the Diamond Year we want to celebrate the unique bond between the City of Antwerp and Diamonds.

When?  October 2017 – February 2018
Who?      Led by City of Antwerp – AWDC main partner
Why?     570 years of diamonds in Antwerp

To make sure all projects meet the high standards for which the Antwerp diamond industry is known for, we need as much help as possible.

Below you can find the projects for which we need your help. Fill in the form if you want to get involved!

Antwerp Summer University (UA – AWDC - Antwerp partnership in collaboration with the Antwerp diamond bourses)
28 August – 8 September 2017

Starting in 2017, the Antwerp World Diamond Centre and the University of Antwerp will offer a yearly summer school on diamonds and the diamond industry. The summer school will focus on all aspects of the ‘diamond pipeline’ and specific & innovative aspects relevant to today’s society and business environment. The program is built on the knowledge and expertise of academics and professionals. In the framework of the Antwerp Summer University, we will organize a Tech Fair in the bourses with the latest in diamond technology and equipment.

Brilliant Foodies Festival – 22 October 2017

A festival that celebrates the culture, food and music of the fascinating melting pot of nationalities and ethnic backgrounds of the people working in our industry. A familiy day for everyone, featuring a wide variety of activities and workshops.

Expedition Diamond – 17 December 2017

A one-day event in which groups of young people (millennials) will go on a diamond adventure throughout the city. The treasure-hunt style expedition will involve the teams gathering all sorts of ‘diamond’ facts and figures, activities and fun. The teams will complete a quiz, and the winning team will receive a party for 100 guests, sponsored by the De Koninck Brewery in Antwerp.

School Project – school year 2017-2018

The goal is to create a syllabus that can be used by primary schools in Antwerp – 3rd and 4th grade – which will enable teachers to introduce the fascinating aspects of the Antwerp diamond industry into the school curriculum, including field trips and projects. A new generation of Antwerpians will get to know the diamond industry.

Street Art project

We want to create a street art project in the diamond square mile, which might inspire more diamond street art throughout the city. During the Diamond Year, we hope to lay the foundations for a diamond grafitti trail throughout Antwerp.

In General

You can get involved by attending the AWDC activities, promote them via your own network and sharing our events on social media. We are also open to any suggestions or ideas you might have!

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