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Antwerp Summer University // TECH EXPO

September, 5 - 7

The Antwerp Summer University, is a collaboration between the University of Antwerp (UA), AWDC and the Antwerp Diamond Bourses, taking place beginning September 2017. The program, featuring keynote sessions, workshops and a (mini-) Tech Fair is targeted at master students, graduates, researchers and (young) professionals from both within and outside the industry. The tech fair will be a place where professionals (and non-professionals) can meet and explore the latest in diamond-related equipment and technology. It is also the forum where demos can be organized to showcase specific equipment.

Date: September 5th until September 7th 2017
Venue: Antwerpsche Diamantkring, Hoveniersstraat 2, 2018 Antwerp, Belgium
Opening hours:

  • 5/09=> 12:00 - 17:00
  • 6/09=> 10:00 - 17:00
  • 7/09=> 10:00 - 16:00





  • Company Profile

The Antwerp Diamond Guild is the home of SmART Diamonds. It is a hub where talent meets opportunity to create new business models and concepts for the diamond industry. The Antwerp Diamond Guild has also developed the world’s first B2C 2way pricing method for jewellers, diamantaires and polishers alike.

The Antwerp Diamond Guild is the home of SmART Diamonds. It is a hub where talent meets opportunity to create new business models and concepts for the diamond industry. The Antwerp Diamond Guild has also developed the world’s first B2C 2way pricing method for jewellers, diamantaires and polishers alike.

  • Product Description

    The SmART Diamond Certificate is a pricing tool based on the light performance of diamonds. It allows to define premiums for light performance and help the open market have a price discovery on any diamond.
    the SmART Diamond Certificate has been developed in partnership with Gemex systems Inc., the world’s leader in measuring light dynamics of diamonds

DRC Techno

  • Company Profile

DRC Techno is an organization whose mission is to provide services with a customer-centric approach through a distinguished but affordable product for diamond manufacturing industry.
Inspired by the needs of our clients, we have built up an intensive R&D department to help transform advanced technology into an accessible innovation. Our isolated R&D department has highly skilled, experienced and talented staff who are ready to accept challenges in the fast growing field of research. We follow a system driven by marketing which puts the customer need first and only produces goods that are known to sell. So far DRC has developed many tools which are highly recommended and accepted by diamond industry.
To deliver the best in the market, we have been aggressively investing in the R&D Department, Operational excellence, Product Certification, and Product Quality and Productivity enhancement.

  • Product description

    J-Secure+ :

    J-Secure+ is the first of its kind instrument which Scans & identifies lab grown synthetic diamonds ( CVD / HPHT ) in studded jewelry and performs effectively with practically all sizes and shapes of diamonds. It is an ideal tool to directly detect lab-grown synthetics, This Machine takes only 60 to 75 seconds to detect Synthetics in a pool of Natural Diamonds, all types of jewelry can be scanned in the machine, for example: Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Brooches, watches, Etc. This machine is also capable of scanning loose and rough diamonds.

    D-Secure+ :

    D-Secure+ is the first of its kind instrument which identifies lab grown synthetic diamonds ( CVD / HPHT ) and performs effectively with practically all sizes and shapes of loose diamonds. The purpose of this innovation is to maintain consumer confidence and keep the natural diamond business safe from the mixing of synthetic diamonds in a cost effective manner.

    Color Sure :

    According to current color grading theory, the color evaluation must be performed on the basis of visual comparison. Nonetheless, D-Grade is working on the same principles and made for gemologist make evaluation easier.  A wide spectrum light bundle used to examine diamond; the absorption values, gained through a spectrometer are developed through a complex software algorithm which gives confidence to gemologist.

    D-Imaging :

    Its most advanced Diamond Photography System for online trade so far. In online diamond trade, the trader provides relevant information of diamond like certificates, but the buyer still wants a comprehensive look at the diamond. D-Imagine is the system, which can scan your Polished Diamond, and create 360° real images of the diamond. In that images/video buyer can preciously see the beauty of diamond along with its characteristics (Clarity, Cut and Color) in magnified and eye-scan view for Easy & Fast buying decision.


  • Company profile

Established in 1931, GIA protects the public through gemological research, education, impartial gem identification and grading services, and instrument development. Being the world’s foremost authority in gemology, GIA sets the standard for determining the quality of diamonds and performs research-based identification of colored gems and pearls. GIA created the 4Cs, the International Diamond Grading System™ and the 7 Pearl Value Factors™, providing all who buy or sell gemstones with a common language for describing quality. 

GIA’s globally recognized gem identification and grading services have built a foundation of scientific research. Using state of the art instrumentation and visual observations to evaluate every gem, GIA expert graders and gemologists deliver consistent, accurate results. With objectivity and expertise, GIA laboratories ensure the integrity and accuracy of every analysis and report issued.

From the Institute’s beginning and over the last 85 years, GIA’s researchers have studied the scientific properties of gems, developing new methods of identifying natural, synthetic and treated gemstones. This research serves to protect all who buy and sell gems by ensuring accurate and unbiased standards for determining and describing gem quality. GIA research findings are incorporated into its educational programs, published in professional journals, used for developing practical instruments and tools, and applied in its grading and identification services every day.

As an independent nonprofit organization, all of GIA’s activities are governed by its mission to serve the public. To find out more about GIA, visit

  • Product information

GIA iD100™*

GIA presents the GIA iD100™, an easy-to-operate, sophisticated desktop instrument that reliably identifies mounted and unmounted natural diamonds, separating them from all simulants and synthetics.
The GIA iD100TM is the latest in a series of gemological instruments and services from GIA that addresses concerns in the gem and jewelry trade about the possibility of undisclosed synthetic diamonds in the supply chain. The instrument combines advanced spectroscopic technology with GIA’s 60 years of diamond and gemstone identification research to distinguish natural diamonds from synthetic (HPHT and CVD) diamonds and diamond simulants.


  • Automatic identification with results in <2 seconds
  • Easy reading result with audio: Pass or Refer for further testing
  • Tests both mounted and loose diamonds with sizes of 0.9 mm or greater in diameter (approx. 0.005 carat)
  • D-to-Z diamond identification

The GIA iD100TM is the first of its kind to be offered to the trade, and is available at a list price of $4,995 USD. Stop by the booth to see a demonstration.

*Patent pending


  • Company Profile

GemEx is a proven diamond buying, selling and quality control system.  As the global leader in diamond brilliance, fire and sparkle certification, GemEx pioneered the concept of scientifically measuring diamonds for Light Performance.  Over 4 million diamonds have been sold with GemEx Certificates.  The GemEx System has been used by leading retailers around the world for the past 18 years.     

GemEx BrillianceScope and Quality Control

For the last 18 years, GemEx has been developing and improving a system that guarantees valid results on all GemEx Reports. Every diamond is measured for Light Performance with the patented BrillianceScope Analyzer.  GemEx carefully reviews both automatically and manually each and every diamond scan before a report is produced. 

GemEx has an entire team of engineers that live and breathe light performance, 7 days a week.  GemEx certifies round and fancy shapes for Light Performance.  We are the world experts on diamond Light Performance and are continually improving the system. 

  • Product description:

Gemex live report

• Patented sales & marketing power of the GemEx Certificate available anywhere

• Internet – online & interactive

• View & compare diamond Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle around the world

• Customize for your diamond brand at no cost to you

Patented GemEx viewer

• The “WOW” Factor

• Complete the emotional purchase

• Compare diamond Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle

• See and understand exactly what GemEx measures • Increase consumer interaction

• Boost consumer excitement

GemEx ion

• Patented diamond table marking

• Unique way to add value to your diamond or brand

• Patented focused Ion beam technology

Live report app for phones & PDA’s

• Use technology to increase your diamond sales

• Sales & marketing power of the GemEx Certificate on your customers’ phone or PDA

• Text or e-mail your diamonds’ beauty to your customer

Training & Marketing Support

• Comprehensive retail training includes DVD and online training

• Powerful brand building

• The proven success of GemEx customized for you

HRD Antwerp

  • Company profile

HRD Antwerp is Europe’s leading authority when it comes to diamond grading, education and equipment.
We strive for perfection, delivering the highest quality in all our products and services.
HRD Antwerp draws on 570 years of experience passed down through Antwerp's diamond trade.
Our diamond lab has gained the diamond industry’s confidence by offering highly reputable diamond and jewellery grading reports, state-of-the-art innovative solutions and extensive in-house expertise.
An HRD Antwerp grading report represents the hallmark of authentic European quality and allows any consumer to purchase diamonds or jewellery in full confidence.

  • Product information

The M-Screen+ is a superfast tabletop automatic melee screener designed by WTOCD – the Antwerp research centre for diamonds – and commercialized by HRD Antwerp.
The M-Screen+ automatically feeds, screens and sorts round brilliant diamonds from 0,5 point to 20 points for Natural, Potential lab-grown/HPHT colour treated and Simulants, at a super speed of minimum three diamonds per second or 11.000 per hour.
Depending on the size of the stones and the size of the batch, the speed can be as high as a staggering 15.000 diamonds per hour.


Lexus Softmac

  • Company profile

Lexus SoftMac is a group of companies established in 1991, engaged in the development, manufacturing, selling and servicing of equipment / technology used in diamond planning, bruting, polishing, grading and marketing of diamonds. With its strategic partnership with OctoNus Software Ltd. of Russia, it offers the most advance products, playing pivotal role in growth of the diamond industry in last two decades.
Lexus also represents HRD Equipment, Rico Tools, Ideal-Scope and BLS Gemsciptor in India and a few other cutting centers.

Lexus also offers planning, cutting and polishing service for large / expensive fancy color as well as colorless diamond thru its unit known by the name Lemon TechnoMist.


  • Product information

DiBox2.0 is a rapid photo and movie captioning system, through which you can
capture images of polished diamonds under various structured lighting environments and make it ready for printing or web publishing.

OGI Systems

  • Company profile

Established in 1999, OGI Belgium has become a standard in the development and manufacturing of advanced evaluation, planning, cutting, shaping, polishing and grading systems for diamond and gemstone production. OGI products have become an essential tool in every major gem lab, diamond appraisal business, jewellery, diamond and gemstone manufacturing plant. In today's market our products are considered essential for both diamond dealers and retailers.

  • Product Description

DiaColor: Rough Diamond Color Machine

Diamond Checker:  One Touch Scan to distinguish Diamonds (with Raman)

Diamond Professor: Identifies Diamonds and Simulants  

ScanoxTender: Battery Powered Portable Rough Analyzer

Clearex: Gemstone Inclusion Mapping

Sarine Technologies

  • Company Profile

Sarine Technologies offers pioneering products and services that empower the diamond industry.
As technology-based innovators, Sarine is proud to partner with the world's diamantaires, delivering innovative solutions that enable the global industry to continually reach higher levels of quality and value.  

Publicly traded on Singapore's Mainboard exchange, Sarine's headquarters, R&D and production facilities are located in Israel, with regional sales and support centers in India, the United States and Hong Kong. An international network of distributors, agents and service centers provide local support and service in all major diamond trade centers.

For decades, Sarine has been the foremost developer of technology for the diamond industry. Since its establishment in 1988, Sarine's industry-changing products, including DiaMension™ Cut grading (1992), DiaExpert™/Advisor™ automated rough planning (1995), Diamark™ laser marking (1999), Galaxy™ inclusion mapping (2009), Sarine Light™ light performance grading (2012), Sarine Loupe™ imaging (2013), Sarine Profile™ sales system (2015) and Sarine Connect™ diamond search & display app (2016), have forever reshaped the industry by optimizing processes for diamond planning, manufacturing, grading and trading.

From mine to consumer, Sarine's advanced products touch millions of diamonds. Sarine's solutions can be found in the world's leading diamond manufacturing companies. All major gem labs incorporate Sarine technology as the standard for Cut grading, and Sarine's sales tools are used by traders and retailers worldwide to enable smoother and more efficient sourcing, buying and selling. Commitment to R&D excellence enables ongoing development of best-of-breed solutions that keep Sarine's customers at the cutting edge.


  • Company Profile

Synova S.A., headquartered in Duillier, Switzerland, manufactures advanced laser diamond-cutting systems that incorporate the proprietary water jet guided laser technology (Laser MicroJetÒ) in a true industrial CNC platform. Customer benefits include significant yield and quality improvements in cutting, as well as enhanced capabilities for shaping, blocking, bruting and drilling. For more information, contact us at or visit our website at

  • Product Description

DCS 50 - New 5-axis Laser Diamond-Cutting System for Coning & Blocking

-    Extremely compact and ultra-precise

-    Wet laser process without heat damage (Laser MicroJet®)

-    Cylindrical laser beam, no divergence (no V-shape)

-    Sawing, bruting, coning, blocking/faceting, drilling

-    Optical head with 50 and 60 µm nozzles

-    Precision (rep.) 1 µm

Dimensions: 800 x 1200 x 1650 mm (W x D x H)

Working volume: 50 x 50 x 50 mm (W x D x H)


Virtual Diamond Boutique

  • Company Profile

Virtual Diamond Boutique™ (VDB) is an international B2B sourcing platform created by the trade for the trade.  Our apps are designed to facilitate the searching of, managing of, and selling of inventory.  VDB features 360 degree interactive videos and a collection of customization tools that allows retailers to provide an engaging customer experience, and for vendors to connect with retailers on a whole new level.  Whether looking to engage tech savvy millennials with sleek, digital offerings, or research the right diamond for a client, solutions are achieved anytime, anywhere, with exceptional results.

VDB was created to answer the challenges of the modern world.  By utilizing the same technology that millennials favor, smart devices and online sites, VDB allows for an evolution of tradition.  Salespeople are no longer limited to brick and mortar stores.  They can now show inventory wherever they may be and take every opportunity for them to not only make a sale but to create and solidify relationships.  Any demand can be met by a global database and a customer will not be turned away simply for not having a desired item.  Suppliers can now reach markets they never thought possible before.  With VDB's family of products, Virtual Diamond Boutique in reinventing the way the industry does business.

  • Product Description

Virtual Diamond Boutique will be showcasing our new prototype imaging system at the Antwerp Summer University Tech Fair.  VDB Studio is an affordable innovative system that works with current generation smart phones to create 360 degree high definition interactive product videos. VDB Studio will integrate seamlessly with the entire family of products that VDB has to offer, making the process of selling inventory even easier and more efficient.


  • Company Profile

WTOCD (Scientific and Technical Research centre for Diamond) is at the service of the diamond sector since 1977. WTOCD was founded under the law De Grootte of 1947 describing the conditions for the establishment and operation of centres charged with the promotion and coordination of the technical progress of the different branches of the country's business community through scientific research.

The mission statement of the research centre is outlined in the statutes of the centre: “The scientific and technological research to enhance the tools, machines, equipment and processing methods, the automation, the evaluation methods and the expansion of the application possibilities of diamond”. The research topics therefore include all aspects of planning, processing and grading.

The scientific and technological research topics span the entire chain from rough to polished, including measurement, evaluation and processing. Recent examples of developments by WTOCD are D-Screen & M-Screen (screening for potential synthetic and HPHT-colour enhanced diamond), AvalonPlus (in-process measurement of zoetheid and geometry of facets), EOSFancy (automatic bruting of fancy shapes), Reflex (ultra-accurate measurement of polished diamond), Morgana (fast and accurate alignment of polishing tools) and Grain Independent Polishing (fast, safe and grain independent polishing technique).

  • Product information:

AvalonPlus and Avalon Basic: measurement of facet ‘zoetheid’ and -geometry

Morgana and Hoekmeter: alignment of polishing mill, tang and stone

Polishing tools: tang plate Camlann and tang pin Lamia

EOSFancy: girdling of round and fancy shapes

Reflex: accurate measurement of proportions and symmetry

Zvi Yehuda

  • Company Profile

Zvi Yehuda Ltd has been at the forefront of the technological innovation of the diamond industry for 6 decades. At the age of age of 16, Mr. Zvi Yehuda had already found a way to recycle diamond powder. In 1964, he invented deep boiling, and a year later – laser drilling.

During the 1970s, Zvi Yehuda was the first person in the world to commercially color diamonds with radiation, using a particle accelerator that he built himself. Concurrently, he began peeling diamonds.

In 1977, Zvi Yehuda invented the Diamond Colorimeter, a device that examines rough diamonds and predicts their color after polishing. The Colorimeter diagnoses the entire normal scale of the D-K colors.

In 1982, Zvi Yehuda suggested the idea of clarity enhancement and discovered how to make diamonds with internal flaws look clean by filling them with material that doesn't affect the weight of the stone. 
In 2017, in lieu of the great fear in the diamond industry of synthetic diamonds – he invented the HPHT detector that can check in a matter of a few seconds whether a parcel of thousands of small diamonds may contain synthetic diamonds.

  • Product description

The Yehuda Detector – Fast, Foolproof, Easy

99% of all lab-grown melee is HPHT. 
Reliably detect HPHT lab-grown diamonds in 5 seconds, mounted or unmounted, in a large parcel of melee or as a single stone, cut or uncut diamonds. 
Use this machine when buying diamonds, selling diamonds, taking in jewelry for repairs. 
In a single glance, you will spot every HPHT lab-grown diamond in the parcel. 

According to G.IA.- 200,000 carats of melee HPHT lab grown diamonds are manufactured each month.

This machine identifies them instantly. Confirm your suspicions. Protect your customer.
Enhance your value as an expert

The Tzvi Yehuda diamond colorimter

The diamond colorimeter made its debut in 1977, when the Israeli scientist, Mr. Zvi Yehuda, introduced his new and revolutionary model “A1 EA”, which was able to accurately predict the true color of a polished diamond from its rough predecessor. Since then, thousands of machines have been sold worldwide, allowing diamond dealers and businessmen to know the true value of their rough diamonds.

Mr. Yehuda, however, did not rest on his laurels, and continued to push the technological envelope further and further, culminating in his greatest achievement so far, the “F” model. The “F” model, a technological marvel, features extremely small dimensions, and a multitude of unparalleled abilities. Accurately predicting the true color of a rough diamond, like its predecessors, the new model also detects blue and yellow fluorescence, brown hues, and gives indication for fancy, intense or vivid yellow, as well as finding if the diamond is a type 2A or type 2B diamonds.

Brussels Airlines

All members of registered Antwerp diamond companies traveling with one of the carriers listed below will benefit from a discount of up to 20%*.

  • Air Canada
  • All Nippon
  • Austrian
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Swiss
  • United


  • Europe:  Geneva/Nice/Rome/Madrid/London/Moscow/Tel Aviv/Birmingham
  • Africa: Luanda/Conakry/Abidjan/Freetown
  • Asia: Mumbai, Japan
  • North America: Los Angeles, Miami, New York
  • Bookings need to be made via one of the following agencies:
  • MSD Travel
  • Translloyd Travel Antwerp
  • Omnia Travel Antwerp
  • Travel India Antwerp
  • HRG Belgium NV Antwerp
  • BTS Travel Antwerp & Brussels

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