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In Antwerp, we speak Diamond!

The City of Antwerp has a rich diamond history dating back as far as 1447, developing over the centuries into the world’s leading diamond trading centre it is today. Its reputation is so widely recognized that Antwerp has become synonymous with diamonds internationally. The City considers its diamond industry one of Antwerp’ leading USPs, highlighting diamonds as a key ingredient in its in recipe for promotional success.

The AWDC and the City of Antwerp work together closely to include the diamond industry in the City’s (international) positioning campaigns, and wish to broaden the use of the marketing campaign we developed in the fall of 2017: “In Antwerp we speak diamond. Diamond Capital since 1447.” We share the goal of promoting Antwerp as the world’s Diamond Capital, and want to ensure this message is delivered loud and clear. We want you to join us in this effort.

As part of our efforts to expand this campaign internationally, The City of Antwerp and the AWDC have decided to share its communication tools with Antwerp diamond companies. We will continue marketing Antwerp using the tag line, ‘In Antwerp we speak diamond’, and would like you to do so as well. 

We encourage you to use the very first logo developed as part of this campaign (logo at the top of the page) in support of your own promotional efforts, alongside the ‘It’s in our DnA’ logo you already proudly display. 

All that is required from you is to sign City of Antwerp’s license agreement. You can find the license agreement here. Please fill it out, sign it and send it to to become a privileged marketing partner and ambassador of the ‘In Antwerp we speak diamond’ campaign.

More info here.

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