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AWDC Let's Get Digital Webinar: Sarine - Traceability & Consumer Confidence

5 May 2021


Sarine Technology Group is one of the world's leading technology companies for the diamonds, gemstones and jewellery industries. 

Traceability is much more than simply protecting diamond data along the pipeline. Traceability is a tough nut to crack because diamonds change hands so many times along the supply chain. However, consumers are demanding it and the industry must find ways to provide it. “In order for the process to be verifiable, you need verifiable diamond information - and that can only come from objective tech-based solutions that collect and store diamond data with no interference, from the mine all the way to the consumer”. David Block, Sarine CEO

“Connecting between the physical and the digital is the most critical part of traceability, and is actually the most difficult challenge for our industry, because as a diamond goes down from the mine to the consumer, it transforms from a rough diamond to a polished diamond, so you’re not just tracking an object, you’re tracking an object that is actually changing and transforming as it goes down the pipeline.”



Date: Wednesday, 5 May 2021 - 12:30 - 14:00 CET

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David Block - CEO of the Sarine Technology Group

Over the last 20 years at Sarine, David has played an instrumental role in the initiation, development and introduction of many of the revolutionary innovations the Group has brought to the diamond industry. Under his guidance, Sarine's diamond planning systems have become the de facto standard for diamond manufacturing with over 70 million diamonds planned on these each year. In 2009, David led the rollout of the unmatched Galaxy technology for rough diamond inclusion scanning, enabling diamond manufacturers for the first time ever to accurately consider the diamond's Clarity as an integral automated part of the planning process. For the past few years, Block has been spearheading Sarine's introduction of similarly uniquely innovative technologies further downstream - to the wholesale and retail trade of polished diamonds. 

Romy Gakh - Baram - Global Marketing Director of Sarine

In 2019, Sarine decided to disrupt the diamond retail space, entering a field with established competitors, with a new product “Sarine Diamond Journey™”. Under her leadership, a fresh new storytelling approach that celebrating diversity and authenticity was launched. The campaign in 6 languages with the core idea: “Just like a person, every diamond has a unique story waiting to be told” generated 1.2M B2B views on YouTube alone and has received rave reviews from industry insiders.