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AWDC Café: “Refresher seminar: VAT regime of diamonds"

21 Jun 2022

We kindly invite you to our next AWDC Café: “Refresher seminar: VAT regime of diamonds"

During this AWDC café we will touch upon the VAT regime of diamonds (supplies and services) in Belgium.

Although the supply of diamonds (and the related services) will be in principle exempt from VAT from a Belgian VAT perspective, the conditions to exempt these transactions are different (for example different rules on the local (Belgian) supply of diamonds and the intra/extra-community supply of diamonds). A team from Deloitte specialized in tax law within the diamond sector will provide you with insight into these rules via practical decision trees that will be shared with you after the presentation.

This seminar will consist of two parts, on the one hand, a presentation of the local VAT regime of diamonds (for which one and a half hours is foreseen) and on the other hand an interactive part where you can ask all your VAT-related questions (!) to our experts (for which half an hour is foreseen).


14:00     Start seminar
15:30     Q&A
16:00     End seminar