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Diamond Connection Benefits & Brussels Airlines

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This application process will take maximum 30 minutes of your time, but be assured … it will be worth it!

The Diamond Connection Benefits have been designed by AWDC and Brussels Airlines and will respond to the special travel needs of the registered diamond companies in Belgium and their owners, partners and employees.

Effectively, the Diamond Connection Benefits combines:

- Benefits at company level (special fares, company points which can be exchanged against future tickets, …) on Brussels Airlines and the other Lufthansa Group carriers (Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa and Swiss)

- Personal travel benefits for owners, partners and employees of registered diamond companies in Belgium allowing you to enjoy special travel services (lounge access / upgrade facilities / extra miles / …) on Brussels Airlines, the Lufthansa Group carriers (Austrian Airlines , Lufthansa, Swiss) and the other Star Alliance carriers.

We hope you will appreciate the outcome of the collaboration and partnership between AWDC and Brussels Airlines and wish you great travel moments.