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What is an ADP?

ADP stands for Antwerp Diamond Pavilion. The Antwerp Diamond Pavilions are an opportunity for Antwerp diamond companies to exhibit as a group on leading trade fairs worldwide, collectively promoting diamonds from Antwerp. By doing so, we want to increase Antwerp polished and rough sales and achieve dominant leadership positions in these markets. The pavilions can help us to network and to boost the Antwerp diamond sector’s reputation and profile in countries where ‘door-opener’ initiatives can be launched. Through these leading trade fairs, we can increase the turnover in global polished diamond trade and help to promote Antwerp as a diamond and jewellery hub. By participating in the Antwerp Diamond Pavilions, diamond companies can generate new business and increase their activities. Examples of trade fairs where you can find an Antwerp Diamond Pavilion are the fair in Hong Kong, Mumbai, Vicenza, Las Vegas …

What is an ADV?

ADV stands for Antwerp Diamond Visit. An Antwerp Diamond Visit gives you an exclusive look behind the scenes of the Antwerp diamond community. The visit starts with a custom made presentation about the history and origin of diamonds. It also highlights the importance of Antwerp for diamond and vice versa. After this theoretical part, it is time for practice. The audience gets the opportunity to visit a polisher where they can see with their own eyes how a rough diamond can be transformed to a unique, sparkling, polished stone. The guided tour finishes with a visit to one of the four diamond bourses in Antwerp. These visits are open to everyone who is interested in the sparkling world of diamonds; business people, politicians, umbrella organizations, tourists, press, schools … Our aim is to promote Antwerp as the world centre of diamonds and to develop a tool of interest to Tourism Antwerp and Tourism Flanders. We want to contribute to the promotion of Antwerp, Flanders and Belgium.

What is ADC?

ADC stands for Antwerp Diamond Community. The goal of our Antwerp Diamond Community events is to create an opportunity for diamond industry members and inhabitants to meet, share cultures and build an extensive network within the diamond community. For example, AWDC organizes four events a year on traditional days of celebration in our local diamond community. Each represents one of the many religious communities that live together in the diamond square mile: Catholic, Jew, Muslim and Hindu. Another example is the structural partnership that AWSC set up with the MAS | Museum Aan de Stroom, at the crossroads where Antwerp’s long relationship with diamonds begun: Antwerp’s port. In collaboration with the Diamond Museum, the Antwerp Diamond Pavilion is where that history will truly come to life, as a meeting space for everyone who shares a love for things of beauty, art and diamonds. With these initiatives we want to anchor the Antwerp diamond sector in the local, regional and Belgian business community and optimize the synergies between all Antwerp sectors. Furthermore AWDC wants to expand his program for primary and high schools and develop specific diamond-related initiatives for Antwerp youth and undergraduates.

What is ADA?

ADA stands for Antwerp Diamond Academy. The Antwerp Diamond academies are a series of workshops and seminars in view of the continuous professionalization of various stakeholders in the Antwerp Diamond Industry. They are targeted directly at the Antwerp diamond companies. By doing so, we want to provide them information, hands-on knowledge and support services to enhance their position in an increasingly competitive business. Each Academy is built around a specific topic like innovation, technology, finance … This initiative stems directly from the vision and ideas launched in the Antwerp Diamond Masterplan | Project 2020. Through the organization of these academies, we aim to boost the reputation of the Antwerp diamond sector and gain political and business support. Furthermore these events would be the perfect place to network effectively. The first academy was launched by no other them Sir Richard Branson, founder and CEO of Virgin and was coupled with a 2-hour panel talk with Sir Branson himself.

How can I participate to an Antwerp Diamond Pavilion?

You can fill in the registration form in the events section. AWDC will then contact you if there is space available.

How can I start a diamond business in Antwerp?

In the section 'doing business in Antwerp', , you find everything having to do with the legislation. This gives you a structured overview of everything that you need to know before getting your business started.

How can I apply for a job in the Antwerp Diamond Sector?

For now, you can contact the HR department at AWDC, who will be able to give you more information on working in the diamond sector. Soon, you will be able to upload your CV online, in order to apply for jobs.

What is CSR?

CSR, with a focus on the triple bottom approach "people, profit, planet", contributes to the area of transparency and accountability of companies.

What are the 4 C's?

The four C's are Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut.