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Integrity and responsibility in the diamond supply chain


Integrity and responsibility in the diamond supply chain

Looking at the entire diamond value chain, from the prospecting and mining phase to the final diamond jewel, it is clear that Antwerp takes a prominent place in the middle
segment of this chain. Antwerp specializes in trading rough diamonds, processing them into polished diamonds and trading these polished diamonds. The activities in the middle segment of the diamond value chain are for a large part facilitated by a large number of specialized diamond banks located in Antwerp.

The growing middle class in emerging economies and the establishment of new polishing centres in South and Southeast Asia, results in more global and varied value chains.
Antwerp is central in the value chain and therefore makes up part of this growing number of chains.

All these supply chains can potentially be a source of infringements and could have negative impacts, such as: the violation of fundamental human rights, transgressing national or international working standards, impact on the environment, corruption and the like. It is important that all parties in the value chain take on the responsibility to prevent and reduce these impacts.

AWDC contributes as much as possible and in this chapter you can read how.