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Legal & Compliance

Do I need to complete the AML-declaration?

Yes, every registered Belgian diamond dealer is obligated to complete this form in full each year and send it back to the FPS Economy (or you can leave it at the AWDC reception-desk).

I am a jeweler, and/or I have a diamond manufacturing company, and/or my company has been inactive for quite some time, and/or I am a broker and/or I sell diamond equipment. Do I need to complete the AML-declaration?

You are only required to complete the first page of the declaration. Please contact us for more information as to why you are receiving this declaration if you are not a diamond company or inactive as a diamond company.

What is the AML-declaration?

The anti-money laundering declaration is mandatory by force through the anti-money laundering law of 11 January 1993 and the Royal Decree of 22 October 2006.  In short, the law prescribes that several sectors of the economy, such as banks, accountants, lawyers, and also, diamond dealers, need to identify their clients.  The goal of the law is to decrease the risk of money-laundering diamond dealers are exposed to by means of thorough identification of their clientele.

I also received a stock-declaration and/or Kimberley-process declaration. How do I complete these forms?

Please contact your book-keeper to help you complete these forms.

Can somebody assist me with completing my AML-declaration?

The AML & Compliance Helpdesk at the AWDC is at your disposal to you help you comply with the anti-money laundering law and other compliance issues such as questions about cash payments.