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Management Jobs in Antwerp

The Antwerp diamond industry is a huge field with many responsibilities. Everyday operations are incredibly complex. The industry is always looking for motivated and effective managers who are able to take charge of an organization. As with most businesses, the types of tasks to be accomplished are diverse, which means different kinds of managers are in demand.

Management Tasks

Antwerp offers a wide range of fascinating management positions. Managers are members of competent and professional teams. The following is a list of some of the tasks required in managerial positions in the Antwerp diamond industry. 

  • Monitor scheduling and work distribution;
  • Determine responsibilities and competencies;
  • Maintain relationships with customers, providers, employees, etc.;
  • Draft plans for the purpose of achieving predetermined goals;
  • Delegate and motivate employees to improve productivity.

Different kinds of managers are required, and tasks vary by position. A precise description of tasks is included in individual management vacancies.

Management Competencies in the Diamond Industry

In order to perform the tasks listed above effectively, the following qualities are required:

  • Flexible;
  • Stress resistant;
  • Customer focused;
  • Proactive and prepared to intervene as necessary;
  • Excellent communication skills.

Vacancies in the Diamond Industry

Would you like to work in the fascinating city of Antwerp, and are you interested in finding a challenging job in the diamond industry? Please browse through our vacancies.