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Five minutes can save your life!


September 26, 2016, around 11:00 AM, a fire ignited inside a diamantaire's vehicle located on floor -3 inside a large S-ADA building. At the time there were approximately 1,000 people inside the building. The fire alarm was activated, triggering the evacuation alarm. Approximately 200 people followed the correct evacuation procedures; the rest were unaware or deliberately stayed in their offices assuming it was a test or an exercise. Luckily the building management, security guards and fire department responded quickly and correctly and prevented the fire from spreading, which, if it did, would have been a catastrophe.

This was not the first ‘real’ incident within the S-ADA. Over the past years we have had real fires inside vehicles parked in underground parking garages, electric transformers that exploded, fires in trash bins inside of offices caused by cigarettes or cigars, malfunctions of electrical appliances, overheated deep fryers, etc.  

As of Wednesday 19th October 2016 the Schupstraat will be accessible again


As of Wednesday 19th October 2016 the Schupstraat will be accessible again and serve as MAIN entrance and exit to and from the S-ADA.

ONLY HIGH VALUE TRANSPORT, POLICE and EMERGENCY vehicles will be allowed to use the Rijfstraat ENTRANCE as such.

Exiting the area will be allowed through the Rijfstraat, keeping in mind that the exiting vehicle takes priority to incoming traffic.

As of Wednesday the LPA DIA checkpoint will be stationed at the Schupstraat once again.

Please find below a reminder of our rules of conduct, concerning the use of the barriers in both Rijf- and Schupstraat.

Commissioning of barrier Rijfstraat / start of road works in the Schupstraat


Dear diamantair

We hereby inform you with regards to the remodelling of the security entrance in the diamond district:

  • Monday 6th of June the barrier zone in the Rijfstraat will definitively be taken into service and the road works will start at the entrance of the Schupstraat.
  • As of that moment until mid-September (estimate) all traffic from the diamond district will access the diamond district in and out through the Rijfstraat
  • Access to the Schupstraat will remain available for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Access to the area for motor vehicles during the road works will have to occur through the Korte Herentalsestraat – Lange Herentalsestraat- Vestingstraat- Rijfstraat. (see map below)
  • The local Antwerp police department at the entrance of the Rijfstraat will have a temporary office to be able to conduct the necessary controls and provide the needed services.
  • Do not forget to inform your suppliers about this temporary situation.
  • Please note: preparatory and structural works will commence at the Vestingstraat in the near future. We are currently in discussion with the City of Antwerp and LPA on this matter, more information will follow.

Ransomware attacks on the rise


Ransomware is a type of malware that holds the victim’s computer or mobile devices to ransom, either by restricting access to the computer by locking it or by encrypting the user’s files.

During past months there has been a rise in failed, foiled or successful ransomware attacks in Belgium, to include the Flanders Region and the Antwerp Diamond Area. And it appears to be gaining momentum. Cyber criminals have launched new generations of ransomware.

Security Office: AMOK Active Killer Briefing


"AMOK-Active Killers" refers to incidents like the terrorist attacks in Paris and the Jewish Museum in Brussels, the foiled attacks in Verviers, the failed attack on the Thalys, etc.

"AMOK-Active Killers" are part of 'the new normal'. From a criminal as well as terrorist perspective, "AMOK-Active Killer" situations form a potential threat to companies in the public and private sector.

AWDC Security Office will start a new monthly briefing in 2016: the AMOK Briefing. The following items will be discussed:

- AMOK: definition and history

- National and international examples

- Perpetrator profile

- Modus Operandi

- Security measures

The next briefing is scheduled on Thursday 18 February 2016 from 3:30 p.m. until 5:30 p.m. in the ‘Oppenheimer’ Conference Room in the AWDC building on level -1.

“S-ADA Security Awareness Briefing”


With the S-ADA Security Awareness briefing, AWDC Security Office announces its newest monthly meeting for the benefit of CEOs, GMs and diamond brokers.


• Presentation of the services provided by AWDC SO to all involved in the Antwerp diamond district.
• Presentation and visualization of risks, incidents and their impact.
• Recommendation and description of effective security measures.

The next briefing is scheduled on Thursday 18 February 2016 from 9:30 AM until 10:30 AM in Conference Room ‘Oppenheimer’ in the AWDC building at level -1.

"Cyber Crime Awareness Briefing"


There are several physical threats applicable to Antwerp diamond companies: fraud, theft, switching, robbery, burglary, tiger kidnapping … For a couple of months now, AWDC SO has observed another increasing threat: cyber crime. Examples of cyber crime include, but are not limited to: email hacks, caller ID fraud, money exchange fraud, invoice fraud, bank transfer fraud, malware attacks …

AWDC SO wants to increase awareness in the Antwerp Diamond Community about the recent surge of cyber crime and offer preventive security measures. This briefing is focused on and addressed to CEOs, GMs, CFOs and personnel, mandated to order or perform financial transactions such as payments, money exchanges and transfers.

AWDC SO will organize the "Cyber Crime Awareness Briefings" on a monthly basis.

“Anti-Tiger Kidnapping Briefing”


In the context of the "Integrated Anti-Tiger Kidnapping Program" (IATKP), AWDC Security Office announces the following monthly Anti-Tiger Kidnapping briefing, which will take place on Thursday 18 February 2016 from 11 AM – 12 noon in Conference Room ‘Oppenheimer of the AWDC building on level -1. This briefing is addressed to CEOs, middle management and staff working in the Antwerp diamond sector.

Beware of cyber crime


Over the past months the AWDC Security Office noticed an increase in cyber crime incidents (please see below) affecting diamond companies within the Antwerp Diamond Area. Regrettably, several cyber criminals were successful, while others fortunately failed and were foiled solely because of aware and alert diamond company staff! The losses range from one thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and are in most cases unrecoverable. Cyber crime is not automatically covered in typical diamond-related insurance policies. Contact your insurance broker for more information.

AWDC SO and LPA resolve important matters


The AWDC Security Office (AWDC SO) and the Antwerp Local Police (LPA) work closely together to ensure the safety and security of the Antwerp diamond industry and community. Some matters of crucial importance were resolved as a result of this successful collaboration.