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Online Diamond Trade Show | Registration

Register and be part of the second edition of the Online Diamond Trade Show, with new features such as video chat, parcels sales, sponsor opportunities and more! 

The trade show will take place 14/09/2020 until 17/09/2020


  • The participation cost for exhibitors is 250 EUR 
  • This will allow one company to upload a maximum of 500 stones/parcels on the platform
  • Goods allowed on the platform: Brilliants, Fancy Shapes, Fancy Colors and *new* we have added parcels as well (Natural Diamonds ONLY) 
  • The fee covers the service and marketing needed to set up this online initiative
  • Exhibitors will receive the list of all registered buyers (after the show) 

Exhibitor Registration Process:

  • Fill out the registration form below. Don't forget to click on submit! 
  • You will receive an email with a contract. Please sign the requested documents, and send them to
  • AWDC will review your registration. If you application has been accepted AWDC will notify you via email. 
  • Once your contract has been accepted you are officially an Exhibitor at the Online Diamond Trade Show!
  • You will receive additional information regarding your participation by email.

Terms & Conditions: 

  • Exhibitor must be a registered diamond company in Antwerp
  • Stocklists should be uploaded in a CSV-Excel template (you will receive this after registration)
  • Diamonds exhibited must have a picture or video (with URL-link) 
  • Diamonds exhibited must be Natural diamonds. 
  • ​Diamonds must be located in Antwerp

Deadline to register 31 July 2020

For questions please email

AWDC’s sole task is to upload the information relating to the diamond stock that you wish to exhibit on the VDB platform. AWDC’s task is limited to the amount of stones that can reasonably be processed for all participating diamond traders. AWDC has the right to put a limit to the number of stones that can be uploaded on the platform per company in accordance what can practically be realized. It is your responsibility to provide correct and accurate information relating to the diamonds you wish to exhibit as per AWDC’s registration requirements. AWDC cannot be held responsible for the content uploaded on the platform based on the information provided by your company to AWDC. You agree to indemnify AWDC should any claims arise relating to the information provided which as been uploaded by AWDC. AWDC is in no way responsible for the functioning of the VDB platform and holds no responsibility for errors or malfunctioning of the platform. AWDC is not responsible or liable for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, misuse, or conversion of any data or information contained in, or derived from, this platform. AWDC is not part of the sales process of your diamonds via or outside of the platform and AWDC is not responsible for the sale or non-sale of your diamonds exhibited on the platform, nor for any conflicts or issues related to the sale or non-sale such as but not limited to loss of profit, conflict with the buyer…