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Sales Positions in the Diamond Industry

Are you looking for a fascinating and challenging job abroad?

The diamond trade represents 5% of Belgian export. In other words, the industry is incredibly important to the Belgian economy. Excellent customer relations are crucial to this sparkling business. Existing customer relations are maintained in Belgium, but regular international travel is also part of the job.

Do you like to travel?

Working in a sales position in the diamond industry may require a great deal of travelling. Sales representatives visit various trade fairs and other events around the world to promote their goods. Existing strategies are defined and implemented in order to create new commercial opportunities. A wide range of sales and marketing opportunities are available to the diamond industry in the international realm.

Are you interested in different cultures?

The diamond industry has its own unique atmosphere. It is a melting pot of people from different nationalities co-existing in a complementary manner.  They are united by one single passion, the love of the most brilliant product in the world, a diamond. A diamond merchant once described it like this: “We speak Diamonds”.

Do you have the required competencies for a sales job in the diamond industry?

  • Flexible (no 9-to-5 mentality);
  • Customer-focused;
  • Full professional proficiency of English, with every additional language an asset;
  • Willingness to travel;
  • Skilled communicator;
  • Strong commercial instincts;
  • Independent as well as team player;
  • Dynamic with a hands-on mentality;

Vacancies in the Diamond Industry

Are you interested in becoming part of this fascinating world? Are you looking for a varied and versatile position in an international business? Be sure to look at our sales and marketing vacancies.