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Working in the diamondsector?

Working in the Antwerp diamond sector, the road to a brilliant career!

In the world of diamonds, all roads lead to Antwerp!

Antwerp literally stood at the cradle of the modern diamond industry as we know it today. Since more than five centuries, the city is known as the world's prime diamond centre, the crossroads where knowledge, innovation and creativity meet, driven by one passion; the love for the most brilliant product known to man. Not surprisingly, the Antwerp diamond square mile is a brimming with activity.

The Antwerp diamond sector is predominantly active in a few streets close to Antwerp's central station. The epicentre of the Antwerp operation is located in the secured, car-free area that comprises the Rijfstraat, Schupstraat and Hoveniersstraat. The diamond district, where some 5,000 people from various nationalities work together fully respecting each other’s cultures and beliefs, is characterized by a unique atmosphere. The streets are very much alive; traders meet each other on the street or in the bourses, security agents and transporter personnel deliver and pick up precious parcels, bankers and insurance specialist are on their way to meet with their clients,... combined they enable an operation that handles an average of US$ 200 million worth in rough and polished stones that passes through Antwerp every day.

The Antwerp diamond sector is a unique melting pot of cultures that harbors a surprising mix of culinary treasures; from the spicy, vegetarian curry from the Indian cuisine, the authentic flavors of the Middle-Eastern shoarma, houmous or mezze to the lavish and world renowned Kosher pastry.

Moreover, the so-called Antwerp diamond square mile, merely 1 km2 in size, is located in the heart of the city, highly accessible through public transportation, at walking distance of the recently renovated Keyserlei, the Meir shopping area and the architectural beauty of the historical city centre.

In short, the Antwerp diamond story is an intruiging tale of many facets. The brand new online jobsite is a tool that centralizes job postings in the Antwerp diamond sector in one single platform. AD Jobs enables the Antwerp diamond companies to post their job openings online and connect more easily and efficiently with candidates interested to work in the sector. In addition, job seekers can create and manage their profile online. Are you interested in a brilliant career? Travel around the globe as sales representative, or become part of the wondrous transformation from rough stone to sparkling jewelry piece as sorter, polisher or engineer. The diamond sector is an industry of unparalleled value, in every sense imaginable, the perfect environment for financial experts, insurance specialists or logistical personnel.

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