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15. Transport


Personal transport of diamonds by diamond traders, diamond cutters or their staff is always possible, regardless of the value of the goods or means of transportation. When transporting goods personally within the EU your shipment should be accompanied by a commercial document such as an invoice, pro forma invoice,… this in case of spot checks by customs or VAT administrations. For some EU countries it is required that your addressee has a VAT number (for example the UK). It is advisable to check the specific requirements of your country of destination in advance.. See also the chapter on Trade within the European Union.When a third party  company is used for the transport of diamonds  it is obligated  to use a licensed high-value transport company. The use of regular courier companies to include, but not limited to DHL, UPS, GLS, DP, etc. to receive or send polished or rough diamonds, or jewellery, is strictly prohibited by Belgian law   Further information about such license should be obtained with the courier company.

It is always advised to be ‘security aware’, to avoid fixed routines and to exercise caution during the transport of valuable consignments.

Committed to the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, most recognised and licensed transport companies will offer the following services:

  • Management of the entire logistics process, including:
    • Safe transport from mine to dealer, polisher, manufacturer and wholesaler;
    • Shipping rough and polished diamonds to grading institutes (round trip or one way);
    • Customs clearance and transport services.
  • Trade show services, including:
    • Secure transportation;
    • Customs clearance in country of origin and at show;
    • Overnight storage and pick-up during and after show.

The liability and insurance terms for the transport will depend on the terms and conditions of the contract you concluded with your transport company.

Some suggestions of specialised transport companies can be found in the list of contacts.


Customs documents

For information regarding the necessary customs documents, please check the chapter on Import and Export of Diamonds.


In case a Belgian diamond trader does not rely on a recognised transport company to transport the diamonds from the EU border to Diamond Office in Antwerp he will need to pay a caution at the Customs Office at the EU point of entry which equals the amount of the VAT value (21%) of the shipment. The trader must also file an electronic transit declaration in the electronic transit system of Customs , N.C.T.S. (New Customs Transit System) when transporting diamonds from the Customs Office at the EU point of entry to Diamond Office.