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It's in our DnA

Diamonds and Antwerp have been inextricably linked for 570 years. Throughout this rich and storied diamond history, the industry has literally and figuratively carved out its own special place in the heart of the city.
 Diamonds and Antwerp are bound together; one wouldn’t be complete without the other.  

“Diamonds and Antwerp, It’s in our DnA!” celebrates the historical bond between the city and the diamond industry, and at the same time looks forward to the brilliant future we share.

Read the DnA Charter, meet our DnA Ambassadors and learn all about the Diamond landmark.

Join our DnA campaign: surf to, sign the charter and be proud that diamonds are in your DnA.

Interested to participate? Drop us a line!

Already an ambassador? Show you are proud that diamonds are in your DnA and download our digital DnA goodies (e-banners, e-mail signature, logo,…)

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