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16. Security

AWDC Security Office

AWDC Security Office is a private foundation, set up by the Antwerp World Diamond Centre.  The purpose of AWDC Security Office is to increase the security level in the Antwerp Diamond Area by providing a secure environment for people, property and trade.

The AWDC Security Office acts as a single point of contact to the S-ADA building managers, the bourses, private security companies active within the area, the insurance industry, the City of Antwerp, government services, state security and Local as well as Federal Police, with whom AWDC Security Office cooperates closely.

The main tasks of AWDC Security Office are:

  • Create and maintain a trusted relational network with the Antwerp diamond community and with all involved public and private security actors;
  • Follow up on the existing and developing security threats and to suggest adequate, organizational and physical security measures to mitigate these threats;
  • Implement, maintain, check and improve agreed security measures;
  • Inform, create awareness, motivate and train the Antwerp diamond community on security related matters;
  • Review and advise on the security level of premises located in the Antwerp diamond district.
  • The AWDC security office website provides general information and contains permit for access to the diamond area for vehicles (contractors, deliveries,…)

You can also reach AWDC Security Office on following phone number: 03/222 05 00.

The Belgian Federation of Diamond Bourses is[1] responsible for the security badges that give access to the following buildings: Diamond Club, Diamond Bourse, Antwerp World Diamond Centre and ADH. On simple demand the buildings DXB and Diamond Center also grant access to this badge.

For more information on the security badges and how to obtain one, The Belgian Federation of Diamond Bourses is at your disposition on the following number: +32(0) 3 234 91 21.



Preventive measures

In addition to the work done by AWDC Security Office view of protection the diamond area in general, it is important for any businessman trading in valuable goods, to discuss with his insurer which security measures are required in order to contract all insurances needed:

·            Every diamond entrepreneur is required to have a safe and most of them are also required to have an alarm system.

·            Most insurance contracts contain specific clauses excluding the coverage of valuable goods in the absence of such measures.

·            It is also appropriate to install a video surveillance system and a partitioned entrance to the shop and the company.

If you would like free advice about security measures to be installed or adjusted in order to protect your business in the most effective way against theft and robbery, please contact the prevention department of the police office located in the Quinten Matsijslei in Antwerp (please find further details in the contact list). An officer will visit your business premises and provide you written advice enabling you to take all required measures.

Since 2003, independent companies and Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs or in Dutch, KMOs) are entitled to an increased tax deduction for security investments.

Filing a complaint

In case you were the victim of a crime, it is important to immediately press charges with the local police office, not only to increase the chance of catching the perpetrators, but also to preserve your rights against your insurance company.

In order to press charges, you can turn to your local police station or to the police station at the Quinten Matsijslei (please find the contact details in the list of contacts).