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17. Antwerp Diamond Jobs

When looking for personnel to join your company, please use the AWDC job-tool ‘Antwerp Diamond Jobs’

Antwerp Diamond Jobs is the only jobsite targeted specifically at the Antwerp diamond industry. All diamond companies can  post their vacancies online, free of charge. Experienced applicants or people interested to work in the diamond  industry, can consult the listed jobs and apply immediately. ‘Antwerp Diamond Jobs’ will connect potential candidates directly with diamond companies  who post their vacancies.

Many different profiles can be posted, from diamond polishers or diamond graders, to  administrative personnel, marketing profiles, IT employees and much more.

AWDC can also assist in drafting your vacancy.

For a free login and password or for more information, please contact Katrien Verlinden by email: or the following phone number: +32 3 222 05 10

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