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Boost your career with HRD Antwerp’s educational courses

Whether you’re just starting a career in the diamond industry or have ample experience in the business, building your skills and polishing your knowledge is key if you want to stand out from the crowd. HRD Antwerp helps you do just that with a wide range of qualified training programmes, covering rough diamond sorting and planning, diamond grading, jewellery design, gemmology, and much more.


For students:

As a registered Flemish educational institute, HRD Antwerp cooperates with the Belgian and international diamond and jewellery key players, as well as with universities and research centres worldwide. You cannot get a better education elsewhere, especially when you’re just about to take your first steps in the diamond industry.


For professionals:

Professional diamond graders, sorters and gemmologists from all over the world attend our international course programmes. These trainings are organized in different languages and in different locations such as Antwerp, Beijing, Rome, Madrid, Mumbai, and Istanbul, amongst many other cities.


For companies:

In addition to our regular courses, HRD Antwerp creates tailor-made programmes for companies and organisations. These programmes cater to the specific needs of the company as a whole or serve as individual coaching for employees. We also run professional workshops on demand.


For members:

HRD Antwerp proudly presents a brand-new online educational programme. We start off with jewellery sales courses and we’ll be offering education programmes about every aspect of diamond business soon. Our online courses are completely free for our members. 


Upcoming courses in summer 2018


In Antwerp

Certified Diamond Grading – starting date 2/7/2018

Gemmology Practice Week – starting date 27/8/2018

Introduction to Diamond Polishing – starting date 17/9/2018



Certified Diamond Grading – starting date 2/7/2018 (Barcelona, Spain)

Diamond Jewellery Design Basic – starting date 14/7/2018 (Manama, Bahrain)

Certified Diamond Grading – starting date 1/10/2018 (Milano, Italy)


For more detailed information on each course please visit