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Tips & Tricks for a good motivation letter

Applying for a new job mostly includes writing a motivation letter. This provides employers with a more personal perspective, allowing you to differentiation yourself from other candidates applying for the same vacancy. In other words, a motivation letter increases your chances of getting the jobs. It is therefore important that the motivation letter is enthusiastic!


  • Keep it short – 1 A4 page is sufficient.
  • Make sure your letter is logically structured – use short paragraphs.
  • Don’t forget to state where you found the vacancy, for which position you are applying and why.
  • Explain why YOU are the most suitable candidate and describe your specific experiences, education or knowledge that are relevant for the position.
  • Mention why you would like to work for that particular company.
  • Finish your letter on a strong note: ‘I would be happy to elaborate on my motivation letter and CV in a face-to-face interview.’