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Anjal Bhansali

  • Company Name: SAMIR GEMS NV
  • Years of Involvement in the Trade: 17 Years
  • Your Age: 40


What are your three priorities within the board, and how would you approach them? 

My top priority is to enhance transparency between the diamond trade community and the AWDC board. I will ensure regular communication on board activities and industry developments. In addition, I will strive to ensure clear and accessible feedback channels to foster trust and ensure that the concerns and suggestions of our members are heard and addressed promptly, and finally I will facilitate the creation of an advisory board to improve effectiveness in bringing transparency.

Futher more I am committed to fostering a collaborative environment where the board and the diamond trade work hand in hand to rebuild Antwerp’s diamond industry. By organizing joint initiatives, and strategic planning sessions, we can develop innovative solutions to the challenges we face. Together, we will leverage Antwerp’s unique strengths and historical prestige to restore its position as a global diamond hub.

And finally, addressing the banking challenges that hinder our industry is a critical priority. We need to explore alternative financing options and advocating for industry-specific financial products will provide our members with the necessary support to sustain and grow their operations..


As representatives of a segment of the market, how would you stay in touch with your constituents/voters? 

Effective communication with constituents is key to me. To ensure this, I will implement a schedule for regular updates through webinars and  meetings, providing transparent information about industry developments, regulatory changes, and board activities. Through the establishment of multiple feedback channels, including suggestion boxes, and ensuring regular review and prompt responses, I hope the companies in Antwerp will be better informed and that two-way communication becomes reality.


How are you tethered to Antwerp? 

Having lived almost my entire life in Antwerp, I have a deep appreciation for the city's unique charm. With over 17 years of experience in Antwerp’s diamond sector, I have developed strong professional ties and a comprehensive understanding of the local industry’s dynamics.


What are Antwerp's assets?

Antwerp’s long-standing history and global reputation as a diamond trading center provide unmatched credibility and trust in the market. The city is home to some of the world’s most respected diamond companies which makes Antwerp a very respected place. Its strategic location in Europe, facilitates efficient trade and makes access to major markets possible.   


What is the best-kept secret of Antwerp? 

For me, Antwerp is not only a diamond trading hub. It’s also a city rich in cultural heritage, art, and history. A lesser-known fact is the city's vibrant underground art scene, which includes hidden galleries and street art that add a unique cultural dimension to Antwerp's charm.