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AWDC Café: “PROXIMUS: termination of the fixed copper network in the diamond district by 19/09/2023" - ACTION REQUIRED

Antwerp Diamond Event
8 May 2023


In collaboration with the city of Antwerp and AWDC, Proximus deployed a new fiber network four years ago. This updated network was designed to meet the future needs of customers within the diamond district. 
Why is fiber better?  
Not only is this new network ready for the larger bandwidth requirements of the future, but it is also the fastest (10 Gbps) and most reliable network on the market. You enjoy a secure and uninterrupted connection at home and in your business. 
The copper network will no longer exist!
Please take note that the old Proximus copper network (VDSL)" will cease on 19 September 2023.
Where will copper services be cut from the 19th of September 2023?
In this region (indicated on the map) between De Keyserlei, Quellinstraat, Quinten Matsijslei, Plantin & Moretuslei, and Pelikaanstraat.

Who is impacted?
All those using the Proximus copper network, either directly or through another provider. 
If you are a Proximus customer: You need to book an appointment with our team so they can come to install the fiber connection. You can do so by: 

Sending an e-mail to You can expect a reply within 48 working hours

Or you can call 0800-22-500 (free number NL) or 0800-55-800 (free number ENG)

In both cases, urgent action is required for your fixed services, which impacts your alarm system & elevators.
Are there any exceptions? 
You are not impacted if you have a mobile subscription or if you are already using fiber.
What if you don't undertake any action?
In that case, your telephone line(s), PABX, fax line, elevator line, alarm line, internet, and/or TV subscriptions will be terminated on Tuesday, 19th of September. 
That's why we strongly advise you to book an appointment to install fiber into your home/business before the summer. 
What if your building is not fiber eligible yet? 
Please inform your syndicate and provide their contact information to the Proximus team via
AWDC and Proximus will provide more detailed information during the
AWDC café on Monday, the 8th of May.


Date AWDC Café: Monday 8 May 2023
Venue: Beurs voor Diamanthandel, Hoveniersstraat 51, 2018 Antwerp

12:15     Registration
12:30     Start seminar
13:15     Q&A 
13:30     End

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