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Diamond Polishing and Diamond Polishers

What is diamond polishing?

Diamond polishing is the process by which a rough diamond is transformed into a polished diamond. Three steps must be completed before the diamond is ready for polishing. The first is to mark the rough diamond. Marks are applied to the diamond to make it easier to see how best to polish the diamond. Only after the diamonds are marked are the following two techniques applied to the diamond: cleaving and sawing. Next, the basic shape of the diamond is created by cutting the stone. It is now time to polish the diamond. At this point, facets are introduced to the diamond.

What does a Diamond Polisher do?

A diamond polisher transforms each rough diamond into a polished diamond. He or she determines the best shape for the rough diamond and applies the steps listed above. Modern technology has advanced enormously since the early days of the industry, hence the process has become somewhat easier. The diamond polisher is responsible for removing all the flaws from a diamond, a process that requires intense concentration and a great deal of experience. Even the smallest of errors could reduce the value of a diamond considerably.

Diamond Polisher Competencies

  • Tenacity;
  • Ability to work precisely;
  • Spatial visualization ability;
  • Quality consciousness;
  • Excellent ability to concentrate.

Jobs in the Diamond Industry

Diamond polishers are not the only positions available at ADjobs. AWDC is also actively looking for new employees for the following positions:

The diamond industry is a fast-growing sector, therefore there are many new job openings each year.

Vacancies in the Diamond Industry

Are you interested in a career in the fascinating and dynamic world of diamonds?  Are you looking for a job in the diamond industry? Please consider these vacancies in Antwerp and abroad.