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Diamond Trade and Industry

The diamond trade is a fast growing market stimulated by demand from China and the USA. Rough diamonds are shipped to various countries. 84% of all rough diamonds from around the world are traded through Antwerp, the heart of the global diamond industry. Every diamond is processed by a diamond polisher to give it the desired cut and gorgeous luster.

Jobs in the Diamond Industry

In addition to polishing, diamonds are subject to numerous other processes which require the attention of specific experts. In Belgium alone, the diamond industry provides 32,600 jobs. In addition, the diamond industry is a fast-growing field, which means many new job openings become available every year. Jobs in the diamond trade are not limited to diamond polishers and diamond sorters. Please take a moment to look at other vacancies.

Why Work in the Diamond Industry?

The diamond industry provides countless jobs both in the Antwerp diamond district and internationally. Nowhere else in the world is the diamond trade as concentrated as it is in Antwerp. The entire Antwerp diamond industry is situated inside one square kilometer, hence everything is within walking distance.

Still not convinced that you should look for a job in the diamond industry? Have a look at the following interesting facts!

  • 84% of rough diamonds arrive in Antwerp
  • 50% of polished diamonds pass through Antwerp.
  • Diamonds represent 5% of total Belgian export to the European Union, and 15% outside the EU.
  • The diamond district is centrally located in Antwerp.

Vacancies in the Diamond Industry

Are you interested in a career in the fascinating and dynamic world of diamonds?  Are you looking for a job in the diamond industry? Please consider these vacancies in Antwerp and abroad.