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Finance and Accounting Positions in Antwerp

It should come as no surprise that one of the biggest export markets in Belgium requires a large accounting staff. This is true for every business in the Antwerp diamond industry. In order to ensure proper processing, the diamond industry is always looking for reliable employees who are capable of working with confidential information.

Tasks for Finance and Accounting Positions

In the diamond industry, we guarantee a fascinating and professional work environment with plenty of challenges. The following is a selection of tasks required of an accountant in the diamond industry: 

  • Generate invoices;
  • Timely filing of VAT returns;
  • Provide advice relating to financial results;
  • Keep accounting books;
  • Draft Annual Accounts and Profit and Loss Statements.

Specific tasks depend on each individual job.

Accountant Competencies in the Diamond Industry

In order to perform the tasks listed above effectively, the following qualities are required:

  • Flexible;
  • Analytic; 
  • Proactive in providing advice about financial results;
  • Detail-oriented;
  • Trustworthy, as tasks must be processed in compliance with legal guidelines, and information is often confidential in nature.

Jobs in the Antwerp Diamond Industry

In order to ensure that our businesses can continue to grow, we are looking for more than just bookkeepers and accountants. The following are only some of the professions in which vacancies occur: 

Vacancies in the Diamond Industry

Would you like to work in the fascinating city of Antwerp, and are you interested in a challenging job in the diamond industry? Be sure to browse through our vacancies.