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Friday, 2 October, 2015

AWDC SO and LPA resolve important matters


The AWDC Security Office (AWDC SO) and the Antwerp Local Police (LPA) work closely together to ensure the safety and security of the Antwerp diamond industry and community. Some matters of crucial importance were resolved as a result of this successful collaboration.

Squatters evicted from two residences

In two separate incidents, members of the Antwerp Indian Association (AIA), active in the Antwerp diamond industry, turned to AWDC SO and LPA DIA in a case of squatters, part of a Wilrijk collective, who were occupying two residences. AWDC SO and LPA DIA took charge of the coordination and communication and were able to evict the squatters peacefully through a rapid and professional response. In one case the squatters even reimbursed the owner for the costs of the replacement of the new locks. In addition AWDC SO drafted and, through the AIA, send out an awareness mail on squatting and how to respond preventatively, as well as reactively. 

Perpetrator of hit-and-run on motorcycle identified through police CCTV analysis

After an S-ADA member reported to the AWDC SO her motorcycle was damaged, possibly by a hit-and-run accident, she filed a complaint with the Local Police, after which LPA DIA analyzed available police CCTV and ANPR data. This led to the detection of the actual hit-and-run, the identification and the location of the perpetrator, who was then questioned by LPA DIA Police Officers. The perpetrator promised to reimburse repair costs. This incident proves CCTV is not only useful as a preventative tool, but also after incidents have occured. The sooner incidents are reported, the better and faster AWDC SO and LPA DIA can respond and start to investigate! 

Activity Outlaw Motorcycle Gang (OMG) members observed, reported and investigated

On multiple occasions the Securitas Mobile security guard, under the direction of the AWDC SO, observed and reported to the LPA DIA CCTV operator the presence, location and movements of OMG members in and around the S-ADA. The police analyzed the CCTV footage and drafted the required reports for specialists of the Local and Federal Police. AWDC SO also send out an awareness message to all S-ADA buildings to be on the look out for OMG activity in and around the S-ADA, and report them to AWDC SO and LPA CCTV for further investigation and follow up.

Mobile security and S-ADA building security guards observed and reported several suspicious incidents

Contrary to the usual quietness during the month of August, the Securitas Mobile security guard, under the direction of the AWDC SO, and the security guards active in the different S-ADA buildings, observed and reported multiple incidents of suspicious behavior by persons in and around the S-ADA to AWDC SO and LPA CCTV. All of these incidents were investigated by LPA DIA, with the majority of the cases dismissed. In some cases that raised concerns, the police investigation is still ongoing. These incidents prove the efficiency of the security teams who are constantly and literally on their guard to watch over our security.