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Thursday, 21 April, 2016

Landmark to increase visibility of Antwerp's diamond industry


The City of Antwerp and the diamond industry have been inextricably linked for more than 550 years. To celebrate this unique connection, from late 2017 to early 2018 the City will be organizing a diamond year –  “Antwerp, shaping the Diamond Story” – that will highlight all aspects of the industry with numerous events. During this time, the new experience museum, DiVA Antwerp Home of Diamonds, will open its doors on the Suikerrui.

On the occasion of this festive period, the Antwerp diamond industry will unveil a landmark that symbolizes all aspects of the diamond industry. For while Antwerp is home to the largest and most important diamond trade center in the world, little evidence of this can be seen around Antwerp.

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre, with the support of the City of Antwerp, intends to create a work of art that will fill this gap and provide the Antwerp diamond district the permanent and prominent visibility the industry deserves. The work of art will eventually be located in the neighborhood of De Keyserlei, near the heart of the Antwerp diamond district.

The Antwerp World Diamond Centre today launched a Request For Proposal to all design agencies and artists asking them to develop a creative concept for this landmark. The artwork should visualize all aspects of the diamond industry: economic, historical, cultural, etc.

Designers that wish to submit a design should take the following requirements into account:

  • The design must have a clear and positive connection with the trade center and diamonds as a product
  • The design must tell the fascinating story of the trade center that has called Antwerp its home for over 550 years
  • The design should intrigue visitors and tourists and have the potential to be a tourist attraction

The timing for development of this artwork is as follows:

  • May 18: optional information session and a behind the scenes visit to the Antwerp diamond district
  • August 31: deadline for submitting designs
  • September 30: announcement of winning design
  • October 21: presentation of winning design
  • November 2016 – August 2017: development and construction of landmark
  • September 2017: official inauguration of landmark

Those interested may obtain additional information from the PR & Communications Department of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre, Hoveniersstraat 22, 2018 Antwerp.