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Paul Chieveley-Williams


  • Your Name: Paul Chieveley-Williams
  • Company Name: Diamwill
  • Years of Involvement in the Trade: 43 years. I started my career at De Beers in London.
  • Your Age: 61
  • Is there something more you want to tell? At the age of 7 I was cutting semi-precious stones - I am extremely passionate about this most amazing natural phenomena Diamond and the whole Natural Diamond Trade !


What are your three priorities within the board, and how would you approach them?

My biggest believe is that we must build for the future and strengthen Antwerp’s capacity as world’s leading Diamond centre. It is not about being the biggest, but about being the best! In my opinion, there are many more very important issues that are of equal importance than only three.

The first and most important priority for me is the persistent banking problem. It needs to be solved immediately because it is one of the most important reasons why smaller and young diamond companies are experiencing troubles.

Secondly, we must encourage and bring the younger generation back in all the various sectors of our business and see their generational technology skills as a very valuable asset for the industry.

Finally, we must ensure that the extremely skilled and specialized companies, active in the field of manufacturing, certification and logistics are  thriving here. When Antwerp wants to remain relevant for the international diamond trade, this is essential.  

The common thread is engaging with our governments on both local and federal levels in order to explain them the problems we are facing and from which our business suffers. To ensure their full collaboration, it is paramount that we first restore our image and the pride of the Antwerp diamond industry. Ultimately, authorities will only be inclined to help reputable and well thought of businesses.

As representatives of a segment of the market, how would you stay in touch with your constituents/voters?

I have firsthand experience and business relationships in every sector of the business from the mining all the way through to the finished jewelry product - this allows a very good insight to any situation within our business. When I were to be elected, I would put aside an afternoon every week so that people could come and explain their difficulties, issues or ideas for improvement in person. In my experience, it is only through actual personal contact that one can build the relationships and mutual understanding necessary to bring about positive changes. This is exactly why " If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far - go together” is one of my favorite quotes.

How are you tethered to Antwerp?

Antwerp is the place I started my career at 19 years of age. During this time I worked as a cleaver, a special stone valuator and rough diamond buyer. I have spent a large part of my early life here and having returned  much later with a young family, I am now seeing my children spend their youth here as well. I have lived and worked in many countries, but always find myself returning, and each time Antwerp and its people welcome me back with open arms. Antwerp holds great significance to me – It is the place where I started my career, and has been present in every stage of my life since. All roads my lead to Rome, but for diamonds – it is Antwerp.

What are Antwerp's assets?

Antwerp has always been considered  the Aristocracy of the Diamond trade and the gatekeeper to the European Diamond Business. I believe it could well become a showcase to the world on how one should enforce the high standards necessary to preserve the integrity of our business. Another great asset of our city is the fact that today, within a two hour train journey you are at the doors of 90% of the world’s major jewelry brands. To this very day, everything needed to conduct diamond business in all sectors can be found in one small area. From purchasing a rough diamond to the final certification of a polished stone: all of this can be done in the safety of three small streets in Antwerp. This is why, for me, Antwerp is undoubtably the safest, most convenient diamond centre in the world.

I believe that, with all the current problems faced by the diamond business as a whole, Antwerp is uniquely positioned to provide the required transparency and guarantees necessary for all international jewelry brands.

What is the best-kept secret of Antwerp?

A statue that can be found above a certain jewelry store in the Meir which is a beautiful example of the essence of the Antwerp Diamond Business and its heritage - Lodewyk van Bercken invented the diamond wheel in 1476 .