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SOLVIT is an online problem solving network in which EU member states work together to solve, without legal proceedings, problems caused by misapplication by public authorities of EU internal market law.  

Diamond Office is a liaison of SOLVIT and offers an extra service to the diamond sector by accepting complaints regarding difficulties with the shipment of diamonds within the EU. This extra service offered by Diamond Office is completely free of charge.  

Diamond Office will enter the problem into the SOLVIT online database.  This is then forwarded to the SOLVIT centre of the member state where the problem has occurred.  Within 1 week SOLVIT will confirm whether they can assist in solving the matter. The decision itself will be communicated latest within 10 weeks. This decision acts as a guideline, it is not binding for the diamond dealer or the public authority concerned.

If you have more questions, or if you have a complaint, please contact Diamond Office.