Registration with the Diamond Office

Diamond Office – a department of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) – functions as the controlling body for import and export of diamond shipments in cooperation with the Federal Public Service Economy and the Federal Public Service Finance (customs). In principle Diamond Office functions as:

- A control body for all import and export of unmounted polished and rough diamonds, industrial diamonds, boart, synthetic diamonds, diamond powder for the Belgian government;

- A service provider drafting all the import and export declarations of diamonds for the Belgian diamond sector and providing overall assistance to the diamond trader for all matters regarding the import and export formalities.

Next to the personnel of Diamond Office, two Federal Public Services are hosted inside the premises of Diamond Office:

  • License Service of the Federal Public Service Economy, responsible for the physical control of all (intra and extra EU) incoming and outgoing diamond parcels. These controls are performed by sworn in experts, working under supervision of the Licence service of the Federal Public Service Economy.
  • Federal Public Service Finance - Customs: Diamond Office is the only Customs office in Belgium where you can declare the import and export of diamonds. Customs perform an electronic control on all import and export declarations made up by Diamond Office. For the physical verification (selection on risk assessment basis), they make use of the sworn in experts.

With this triple line of control (Diamond Office, Federal Public Service Economy and Federal Public Service Finance - Customs), the Belgian diamond sector is the most controlled sector worldwide!

When engaging in import and/or export of diamonds (outside the EU) it is compulsory to register at Diamond Office. Considering the many advantages of the service of Diamond Office, it is also advisable for trade inside EU to register at the Diamond Office.
For more information on registration, the tariffs or the support services of Diamond Office, please contact us or visit the website of Diamond Office.