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DnA Charter

“Diamonds and Antwerp, It’s in our DnA!” celebrates the historical bond between the city and the diamond industry, and at the same time looks forward to the brilliant future we share.
Our DnA also contains so much more that we, as a city and industry, should be proud of. The combination of Diamonds and Antwerp is not only remarkable, but also includes a whole series of unique advantages and qualities. We have brought these together into a charter. In so doing, we want to show the world what “Diamonds and Antwerp” stand for. And to accomplish this, we need you!

Read the charter below and sign now !

A heart for Antwerp and the world

because Antwerp is an exceptional place to live and work. Throughout more than five centuries of diamond history, our industry and community have literally and figuratively conquered a special place in the city’s heart. We have every intention to continue contributing to the social, cultural and economical richness of this vibrant metropolis.

A thriving trade center

where every buyer finds a seller and vice versa, in the best market conditions. Of the millions of carats in rough and polished diamonds that are traded worldwide, the majority passes through the city at some point in their journey from mine to finger. We are proud that Antwerp continues to make its mark on the global diamond industry and the local economy.

A philosophy of openness

characterizes a community in which a wide diversity of people with various ethnic and religious roots and beliefs works and lives side by side, in perfect harmony. It is a tradition that sets Antwerp apart, and one that we aim to honor every day, in everything we do.

A passion for craftsmanship

is what truly breathes life into a diamond. Perfected throughout centuries of artistry and knowhow, Antwerp’s polishers and traders have mastered the art of bringing out the best in each and every diamond that passes through their hands. We want to ensure these unparalleled skills and knowledge are passed on to future generations, keeping our exceptional diamond expertise alive.

A history of leadership

that we confirm each and every day by being the absolute best at what we do. Our ambition is to lead by example as a center of excellence, the axis of the global diamond industry. Just as Antwerp fashion designers contribute to shaping the image of international fashion, or Belgian beats get the world dancing, we intend to continue setting the tone, to excel in style, sparkle in ideas and amaze with innovative initiatives in every facet of our trade.

A firm belief in integrity

is the very foundation of what constitutes the success of the Antwerp diamond industry. Living up to the highest standards and values in every facet is an integral part of the Antwerp business ethic. Precisely this approach has led to the fact that Antwerp is considered the global diamond industry’s first and foremost role model.

A focus on premium quality

is the secret ingredient that has ensured that the name ‘Antwerp’ has served as a world-renowned quality label for more than 550 years, inspiring confidence around the globe. Our shared ambition is to ensure we live up to the universal and intrinsic values each and every one of our diamonds carries within; ultimate and eternal perfection.

Where tradition meets innovation

by building further on our solid historical roots and customs. This is how Antwerp stays focused on reinventing itself. Embracing new developments and technologies, and creating fertile ground for creativity and innovation to grow are key to securing Antwerp's diamond legacy in the future.

A commitment to sustainability

starts by making an uncompromising commitment to responsibility in every sense imaginable. We are fully devoted to ensuring that Antwerp meets the strictest ethical, social and compliance standards when it comes to trading and manufacturing diamonds. Building towards sustainability is a message we will continue to promote, at home and abroad.

A deep respect for shared values

is what defines generation upon generation in the Antwerp diamond family. Family values such as trust, unconditional friendship and support for one another constitute the core of how we relate to each other and to the world. And naturally, our family feels a strong connection with those that embrace these same values.