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Synthetic Diamonds

AWDC is delighted to share the Diamond Terminology Guideline with the Antwerp diamond traders.

The Diamond Terminology Guideline is the result of a successful collaboration between nine of the leading diamond industry organisation (AWDC, CIBJO, DPA, GJEPC, IDI, IDMA, USJC, WDC and WFDB).  It is designed as a clear, simple, 1-page reference document to be followed when referring to diamonds and synthetic diamonds. 

The Diamond Terminology Guideline is an important step towards effective use of aligned, fair, and consistent terminology for diamonds and synthetic diamonds by all sector bodies, organisations, traders and retailers.  Through adoption of a shared terminology in our communications we are assisting consumers, and the trade, to clearly distinguish between diamonds and synthetic diamonds. Our sole objective is to safeguard the integrity of our product and protect consumer confidence in our industry. 

AWDC strongly recommends you follow the Diamond Terminology Guideline in all your communications.  When necessary,we also encourage you to consult the two standards on which this Guideline is based : the ISO 18323 standard and the CIBJO Diamond Blue Book. "

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