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Presented to you: the election candidates for the AWDC Board of Directors

Tuesday, 11 June, 2024

Although Belgium has just wrapped up a thrilling election Sunday, election fever is peaking again in Antwerp. The reason is another important election moment on June 17 and 18: that of the members of the Board of Directors of the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC).

The AWDC Board of Directors consists of a total of 10 members: 6 members representing the trade, 3 members representing the Bourses, 1 representative of Industry and one Independent Director. The term of office is four years and there is a rotation system in place where half of the Board is renewed every two years. Only the six members representing the trade are effectively elected by an electorate. For the other mandates, candidates are put forward by the Bourses, by the Syndicaat der Belgische Diamantnijverheid and the independent director is appointed by the Board of Directors. By working this way, we guarantee the continuity of the functioning of the Board of Directors.

AWDC's statutes provide that these six Directors will be directly elected, in an electoral procedure that ensures equal representation for small, medium and large diamond companies. Voters and candidates are divided into three groups, based on the average annual turnover they realized over the years 2022-2023.

On this moment, the election campaigns are in full swing and the candidates are leaving no stone unturned to convince the electorate to vote for them. The Antwerp World Diamond Centre gave all candidates the opportunity to introduce themselves to the voters by means of 3 questions. In short interviews they explain what they think are the priorities for Antwerp as a diamond trading center, what they think are the assets of Antwerp as a city for entrepreneurs in the diamond sector and how, if elected, they will keep a finger on the pulse and communicate to their constituency.

Read their stories here:

Candidates in Category 1:

- Anjal Bhansali from Samir Gems

- Isi Mörsel from Dali Diamonds Company

- Ravi Bhansali from Rosy Blue

- Sahag Arslanian from Arslanian Group 


Candidates in Category 2:

- Amit Arunbhah Shah from A.C. Diam

-  Hitesh Bhimjibhah Kakadiya from Sheetal Europe

- Prakash Bhagwanbhai Patel from Veediam


Candidates in Category 3:

- Yaël Gutkind from Antwerp Cut bv

- Chirag Shailesh Shah from Yashvi Diamonds bv

- Ratnesh Gandhi from Dia 9

- Alain Zlayet from Zlayet & Sons Diamonds

- Samir Sureshkumar Mehta from Snehdiam (interview is yet to be submitted)

- Paul Chieveley-Williams from Diamwill