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Press Releases

Date Type Title
15/04/2024 Board appoints Karen Rentmeesters as CEO ad interim of AWDC / EN
15/04/2024 Raad van Bestuur benoemt Karen Rentmeesters als CEO ad interim van AWDC / NL
25/10/2023 Antwerp and Botswana to gather diamond industry in Gaborone for FACETS 2023
04/02/2022 Antwerp diamonds shine again.pdf
04/02/2022 Antwerpse diamantsector schittert opnieuw.pdf
02/02/2022 De Bleeker wil duidelijkheid tussen natuurlijke en synthetische diamant.pdf
06/12/2021 AWDC and ALROSA Renew Cooperation Agreement.pdf
21/10/2021 20211021 Antwerp Welcomes DRC Minister of Mines MoUs to Strengthen Collaboration.pdf
16/03/2021 PB Antwerpse diamantsector organiseert nieuwe basiscursus diamantslijper.pdf
08/02/2021 Brilliant Under Pressure - Global Diamond Market Shows Resilience In Unprecedented Year.pdf
11/07/2019 Wereldwijde economische onrust zorgt voor marktvertraging in internationale diamanthandel.pdf
18/06/2019 Antwerp diamond industry supports reform of the KP definition of ‘conflict diamond’ .pdf
30/04/2019 Reputation at the core of Antwerp World Diamond Centre’s 2nd Sustainability Report .pdf
07/04/2019 National Bank of Fujairah opens new office in Antwerp Diamond District .pdf
28/03/2019 Antwerp diamond expertise highlighted during State Visit to South Korea .pdf
19/02/2019 AWDC promotes Antwerp diamond trade during Royal Mission to Mexico .pdf
06/11/2018 Alibaba and AWDC partner to bring Antwerp diamonds directly to Chinese consumers .pdf
22/06/2018 Global diamond industry lays foundation for Kimberley Process 2.0 during KP Intersessional meeting in Antwerp .pdf
19/06/2018 HRD Antwerp and Russian Ministry of Finance sign cooperation agreement .pdf
18/06/2018 Antwerp achieves revolution in diamond polishing process .pdf
05/06/2018 New President of Angola visits Antwerp diamond industry .pdf
11/05/2018 AWDC and GJEPC to launch MyKYCBank partnership at Banking Summit on May 11 in Mumbai .pdf
13/03/2018 Belgium the leading importer of Canadian diamonds.pdf
08/03/2018 CARAT+ welcomes Antwerp World Diamond Centre as Main Partner.pdf
22/02/2018 AWDC Board Appoints New President.pdf
05/02/2018 Antwerp diamond trade stabilizes in 2017 .pdf
31/01/2018 Press release Diamond Terminology Guideline 2018.pdf
24/01/2018 AWDC, CIBJO Sign MOU with Russia To Improve Polished Diamond Classification .pdf
11/12/2017 AWDC and Bain & Company present seventh annual Global Diamond Report .pdf
05/12/2017 AWDC and GJEPC Announce Collaboration MyKYCBank Project.pdf
11/09/2017 Press release - AWDC Reaction to Global Witness
18/04/2017 Press release - Ivanov visit AWDC_final.pdf
31/01/2017 Antwerp diamond trade grows 5% in 2016 after difficult 2015 .pdf
22/12/2016 Antwerp Diamond Industry Donates Season’s Greetings Budget to Charity .pdf
15/12/2016 HRD Antwerp opens first Centre of Excellence in China .pdf
13/12/2016 Antwerp diamond industry to strengthen ties with South Korea during mission to Seoul .pdf
23/11/2016 Delegation of Chinese Jewelers Visits Antwerp Diamond Industry .pdf
29/09/2016 Antwerp Takes Lead in Battle Against Undisclosed Synthetics .pdf
14/07/2016 Delegation of American Jewelers Visits Antwerp Diamond Industry.pdf
11/07/2016 Antwerp’s diamond industry trade figures see slight uptick in first half of 2016.pdf
10/05/2016 Antwerp rough diamond trade increases again in April.pdf
22/04/2016 Landmark to increase visibility of Antwerp's diamond industry.pdf
06/04/2016 Brazilian officials learning from Antwerp diamond industry.pdf
30/03/2016 Indian Prime Minister Modi receives Antwerp Diamond Industry.pdf
30/03/2016 AWDC Launches Antwerp Diamond Experience with Kuwaiti Visit.pdf
24/03/2016 AWDC Expresses Gratitude for Support from Global Diamond Community.pdf
04/03/2016 Antwerp Rough diamond trade takes upturn in February.pdf
08/02/2016 Diamantaires to receive additional options for identifying clients.pdf
01/02/2016 Addressing diamond industry’s global crisis, AWDC to focus on financial innovation .pdf
11/12/2015 Alrosa and AWDC reaffirm strong relationship.pdf
30/09/2015 AWDC- Amnesty International Report on CAR Ignores Antwerp Controls.pdf
28/08/2015 Press Release_Antwerp remains most important rough diamond trade hub.pdf
14/07/2015 Antwerp diamond industry second quarter figures follow first quarter trend.pdf
05/06/2015 AWDC and DAC sign MoU.pdf
08/05/2015 Antwerp Further Strengthens Strong Ties With Canadian Miners .pdf
07/05/2015 Delegation of Turkish Retailers Visits Antwerp Diamond Industry .pdf
28/04/2015 AWDC Reinforces Foothold On Turkish Market.pdf
27/04/2015 AWDC congratulates Andrey Zharkov on being elected President of ALROSA.pdf
16/04/2015 Antwerp diamond industry announces first quarter figures.pdf
15/04/2015 Antwerp Diamond industry on networking tour in the United States.pdf
30/03/2015 Antwerp Diamond industry prepared to pay more taxes in exchange for stable and legally certain fiscal environment.pdf
30/03/2015 Former President of Europe Herman Van Rompuy visits Antwerp diamond industry for landmark debate on diamond financing.pdf
28/03/2015 Belgian Court Order Executed As Diamonds Return To Zimbabwe.pdf
27/03/2015 Former President of Europe Herman Van Rompuy visits Antwerp diamond industry controlling body.pdf
11/03/2015 Antwerp Diamond Industry Launches Offensive in Latin America.pdf
26/02/2015 ADP amongst largest at 2015 HK International Diamond, Gem & Pearl Show.pdf
26/02/2015 Rough diamond trade fair heavily attended.pdf
02/02/2015 Record figures confirm leadership Antwerp diamond industry.pdf
22/01/2015 AWDC informs banks at diamond financing seminar in Davos.pdf
16/12/2014 Ivory Coast Resuming Diamond Trade Thanks to Belgium.pdf
02/12/2014 AWDC wins best sustainability report.pdf
27/11/2014 Wealthy Singaporeans Increasingly Keen on Jewelry Purchases.pdf
26/11/2014 Belgian Princely Mission Sets Sights on Malaysian Diamond Market.pdf
13/11/2014 Antwerp Diamond Sector October Figures Drop Slightly Due to Holiday Season.pdf
06/11/2014 First Rough Diamond Trade Event Great Success.pdf
31/10/2014 WDC meeting in Antwerp- looking to the future.pdf
15/10/2014 Antwerp Diamond Night in Shanghai.pdf
29/09/2016 Antwerp Takes Lead in Battle Against Undisclosed Synthetics .pdf
19/09/2014 Antwerp Diamond Bank wind-down, AWDC investigation potential solution.pdf
17/09/2014 Diplomats from across the globe tour Antwerp's diamond sector.pdf
09/09/2014 Antwerp's rough trade still thriving in August.pdf
05/09/2014 Antwerp Diamond Pavilion expands at the HK International Jewellery Show in September.pdf
20/08/2014 Antwerp diamond sector posts solid trade figures in July.pdf
24/07/2014 Antwerp's first participation in the Mine Entra Fair.pdf
16/07/2014 Diamonds for Tomorrowland’s 10 year anniversary .pdf
11/07/2014 Antwerd diamond sector figures remain positive.pdf
02/07/2014 Strong rough trade streak continues in Antwerp.pdf
01/07/2014 Three new Antwerp jewelers obtain quality label Antwerp's Most Brilliant.pdf
27/06/2014 New AWDC Board reelects Stéphane Fischler as President.pdf
06/06/2014 Reactive Statement Antwerp diamond sector steps up efforts in combatting conflict diamond.pdf
05/06/2014 AWDC networking tour in the US bears fruit.pdf
26/05/2014 Antwerp diamond sector condemns attack in Brussels.pdf
23/05/2014 Antwerp hosts World Diamond Council and KP Chair for renewed ASM MoU.pdf
20/05/2014 Strong first four months for Antwerp diamond sector.pdf
29/04/2014 Antwerp figures holding steady.pdf
01/04/2014 Sierra Leone President Koroma visits the Antwerp diamond sector.pdf
01/04/2014 Chinese President Xi Jinping witnesses signing of Cooperation Agreement between AWDC and SDE.pdf
14/03/2014 Antwerp expansion policy bearing fruit.pdf
13/03/2014 Antwerp delivers strong message at ZimAsset Parliament Seminar - Antwerp is partner for growth .pdf
13/03/2014 Antwerp Diamond Night Moscow affirms alliance with Russian diamond industry.pdf
27/02/2014 Excellent 2014 kick-off for Antwerp diamond trade.pdf
05/02/2014 FATF Money laundering report - a good initiative that misses the mark.pdf
27/01/2014 2013 marks second best year ever for Antwerp diamond industry.pdf
10/12/2013 First Zimbabwe Tender in Antwerp.pdf
04/12/2013 World's most expensive diamond boots revealed in Hong Kong.pdf
02/12/2013 AWDC and Alrosa reinforce ties in new Cooperation Agreement.pdf
12/11/2013 AWDC hosts Zimbabwe delegation.pdf
08/11/2013 AWDC and city of Antwerp organize evacuation exercise.pdf
24/10/2013 HRH Princess Astrid launches AWDC dedicated KP seminar in Pretoria.pdf
22/10/2013 AWDC organized exclusive networking event in Luanda.pdf
11/10/2013 Antwerp diamond industry and Jet Airways conclude corporate deal.pdf
24/09/2013 Official statement AWDC EU sanctions ZMDC lifted .pdf
27/08/2013 AWDC and Bain & Company release third annual report.pdf
13/08/2013 AWDC roots for Sporting A.pdf
09/08/2013 ASM-member AWDC launches renewed KP website.pdf
07/08/2013 Antwerp remains prime diamond trading hub.pdf
05/08/2013 Breakthrough in Kiran Exports tiger kidnapping investigation.pdf
16/07/2013 Visit Belgian Vice Prime Minister, Minister Foreign Affairs Reynders Antwerp diamond sector.pdf
28/06/2013 Anti-tigerkidnapping program.pdf
23/05/2013 Jobtool 'Antwerp Diamond Jobs'.pdf
25/04/2013 Visit King Letsie III.pdf
19/04/2013 Statement Antwerp World Diamond Centre - Offshore Leaks .pdf
08/04/2013 Antwerp Diamond Data March 2013.pdf
11/03/2013 Antwerp Diamond Data February 2013.pdf
11/02/2013 Antwerp Diamond Data January 2013.pdf
17/12/2012 Press Release AWDC and Bain & Company present 2012 report on global diamond industry.pdf
17/10/2012 AWDC & Kring open Tender Facility.pdf
08/10/2012 AWDC contributes to DDI fundraising campaign.pdf
02/07/2012 KP agreement.pdf
15/06/2012 Stephane Fischler new AWDC President.pdf
13/06/2012 Antwerp diamond industry organises free polishing course.pdf
11/06/2012 Antwerp diamond sector elects new Board of Directors for AWDC.pdf
02/06/2016 AWDC and AIA to support second edition of International Day of Yoga in Antwerp   .pdf
01/06/2012 Visit Chinese Minister to Antwerp World Diamond Centre.pdf
16/05/2012 Antwerp welcomes South Africa's Minister of Mineral Resources.pdf
06/05/2012 Antwerp diamond industry brings Richard Branson to Antwerp.pdf