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19. Import and Export of Diamonds

With regard to international trade, the European Union is considered as a single entity without internal borders. The abolition of the internal borders in the European Union allowed the free movement of goods, services, persons and capital between EU member states. Therefore once imported in the European Union, there are no restrictions on the trade of diamonds between EU member states.

However, the European Union has imposed certain restrictions on the trade of diamonds between EU member states and third countries. In addition to the restrictions under EU law, EU member states may also impose restrictions on trade with third countries under their national laws. Hence the restrictions and formalities for the trade of diamonds with countries outside the EU may differ per member state.

The Diamond Office can assist you with all matters regarding the import and export formalities and fulfils this task in close collaboration with all parties involved (including the Federal Public Service Economy and the Federal Public Service Finance – Customs, transport companies and forwarders).

Furthermore, should a diamond dealer incur difficulties with shipments within the EU due to the misinterpretation of EU internal market law by public authorities, Diamond Office can notify, at the request of the diamond dealer, the European online database SOLVIT, which offers solutions free of charge.

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