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CIFAL Flanders

CIFAL Flanders, the International Training Centre for Authorities & Leaders (formerly Antwerp International Training Centre on Corporate Opportunities/ITCCO) officially opened (as Antwerp-ITCCO) on May 23 2011. On Tuesday 25 August 2015, Antwerp-ITCCO announced to its partners that UNITAR - the United Nations training and research institute located in Geneva - had officialy recognized the training centre as fully-fledged International Training Centre for Authorities and Leaders (CIFAL), associated with the UN. CIFAL Flanders is the new name of Antwerp-ITCCO.

It is a UN public-private initiative established under the joint auspices of the United Nations Training and Research Institute (UNITAR) and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). The founding partners from the private sector are the Confédération Internationale de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie et Orfèvrerie (CIBJO), the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) and the Fund for the Diamond Industry. The City of Antwerp and the Government of Flanders also support this initiative.

UNITAR is a United Nations autonomous body whose mission is to enhance the effectiveness of the UN through appropriate training and research on issues such as peace and security, social and economic development and the environment. As such, it translates the United Nations Global Compact and Millennium Development Goals for a wider audience.

CIFAL Flanders focuses on CSR training programs in a UN perspective to promote and accelerate the private sector’s adherence to the UN Global Compact principles and progress on the Millennium Development Goals. Additionally, courses will be organized on diamond polishing for beginners and experienced employees, and could be extended to jewelry design and production. The Centre of Excellence will host these training programs for representatives from the diamond industry, but the Centre wants to expand these training programs to other industries important to Antwerp.

CIFAL Flanders, headquartered in the Bell complex in Antwerp, is now formally part of UNITAR’s international network of 14 CIFAL training centers.

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