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Diamond Pavilion

February 8 2012 marks the official inauguration of the MAS | Antwerp Diamond Pavilion. This Pavilion symbolizes the structural partnership AWDC set up with the MAS | Museum Aan de Stroom, at the crossroads where Antwerps long relationship with diamonds begun: Antwerp's port. In collaboration with the Diamond Museum, the Antwerp Diamond Pavilion is where that history will truly come to life, as a meeting space for everyone who shares a love for things of beauty, art and diamonds. The Diamond Pavilion enlightens why we call Antwerp the centre of the global diamond industry and shows at the same time who isactive in the industry, both now and in the past. It informs you about the rich history, the economic importance and a lot of other aspects of this typicalAntwerp activity. The diamond shop makes sure you can go home with a souvenir. The MAS Museum and pavilions are another sparkling addition to Antwerps brilliant skyline.

You can visit the diamond pavilion from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM - 5 PM.

More information on - 0476/86.13.33