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Visit Antwerp

Located in the north of Belgium, nearby the border with the Netherlands, Antwerp lies along a myriad of access routes, making transportation to and from the city remarkably convenient.

Antwerp's diamond district can be found adjacent to the Central Railway Station and the famous Antwerp Zoo, within easy walking distance of the Meir, which is the city's main shopping street. Pelikaanstraat flanks the one square kilometre of secure office space to the east, Lange Heretalsestraat to the west, Vestingstraat to the north and Schupstraat to the south. Hoverniersstraat traverses it from south to north.

The city of Antwerp has a long history of welcoming visitors into its midst, and it offers a wide range of hotels and lodgings in a variety of price ranges. Many of the hotels are located within a comfortable walking distance from the diamond district.

Drawing on its history as a port where all types of food, beverages, herbs and spices from distant lands arrived, Antwerp continues to offer a wide range of restaurants to suit every taste today. In this cosmopolitan city you will find a whole range of European, ethnic and organic cuisine and traditional restaurants.

Antwerp has to many tourist attractions to mention them all. That is why we made a selection of the one's you really can't miss out on in this historical city.