Disclosure of Synthetics

On September 29 the Federation of Belgian Diamond Bourses in collaboration with the Antwerp World Diamond Centre organised an info session on the disclosure of synthetics, treated natural and natural diamonds. The Federation informed its members that starting January 1st, 2017, they will be the first to actively enforce the guidelines defined by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses to combat undisclosed synthetics. The mandatory guidelines discussed include the obligation to add a clear and predefined description of goods on invoices and memo’s as well as written declarations and were instated in a charter set up by the World Federation of Diamond Bourses in May 2014. The Antwerp bourses will now be the first to enforce the guidelines, including disciplinary action against traders who do not implement them. You can find and download the charter, as well as a user guide including texts to copy paste on invoices, memo’s and similar documents.

The info session also included presentations on both the technical aspects of synthetics and the latest developments in detection methods and equipment, by HRD Antwerp experts dr. Katrien De Corte and Ans Anthonis, GIA Director Research and Development Wuyi Wang and Jamie Clark, Commercial Director at De Beers. You can find related documents on their presentation via the menu below. 

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