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Antwerp’s diamond sector is known for its 5th C. In addition to the traditional 4 Cs, which determine the value of a diamond - carat, color, cut and clarity - our 5th C is the commitment to Compliance, Confidence and CSR. This is the core of our business model and a strong focus in our medium and long term strategy, not only for the Antwerp diamond industry but also for the global diamond industry. For this reason, in 2013, AWDC initiated its first sustainability report to evaluate its accomplishments and determine where progress needs to be made.

We took active steps to involve our employees, diamond companies, NGOs and the broader community in Antwerp. The stakeholders consulted ranked the following issues as the top five, on which AWDC should focus its activities and report back to affected stakeholders: responsibility and integrity in the diamond supply chain; transparency; compliance; indirect economic impact in Antwerp; indirect economic impact in diamond producing countries. These topics therefore form the basis of our sustainability report. The goal of this report is to illustrate in a transparent manner how we drive sustainability in our business, as well as across all tiers in the diamond value chain. Our external stakeholders expect AWDC’s contribution and leadership.

Download our Sustainability Report in the menu below.

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