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Indirect economic impact in Antwerp


Indirect economic impact in Antwerp


The Antwerp diamond sector is extremely important for the Flemish and Belgian economy. Not only due to the value added in terms of income that the sector generates, but also through employment of at least 32,000 people.

Antwerp has over 550 years of illustrious heritage as a diamond trading and manufacturing hub, embodied in the slogan ‘Cut in Antwerp’, which still is the diamond trademark for supreme quality and exquisite craftsmanship. With a sound financial, technical and intellectual infrastructure, Antwerp is the global center from which a multinational industrial and commercial network is coordinated.

On a daily basis, countless diamonds leave Antwerp, the heart of the global diamond industry, to all corners of the world. The know-how and capacities of Antwerp’s diamond traders are over five centuries old and are still the hallmark for anyone enchanted by this beautiful stone.