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To get our campaign rolling we selected 16 ambassadors from the Antwerp diamond industry. They are all depicted on the brilliant group portrait adorning the large wall in the Hoveniersstraat facing the AWDC building. This tableau vivant reflects the multicultural nature of our diamond community. But they are also people with their own inside story of the industry to tell. They all belong to the community and each contributes in his or her own way to Antwerp's brilliant diamond story. Get to know them here.

Ari Epstein

Fares Saliba

Melissa Smet

Willy Henneuse

Samir Mehta

David Ziegler

Pieter Bombeke

Kim Van Weynsberghe

Alain Faes

Sese Bomboko

Yan Li

Dennis Leemans

Hiren Shah

Marianne Georges