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AWDC Webinars

The AWDC Webinars are a series of pragmatic, to-the-point webinars that deal with practical, tailor-made topics to increase the efficiency of your business. Topics range from COVID-19 supporting measures, new technologies, branding & social media, and much more!

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Upcoming webinars:

AWDC Webinar: Luxury after COVID-19: Q&A with Bain & C° | 4 June 2020

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The videos of our previous webinars can be found here! This page will be updated regularly.

AWDC Webinar: Tracr - How to Embrace Traceability | 14 April 2020

AWDC Webinar: UNI Diamonds - A Digital Trading Ecosystem | 20 April 2020

AWDC Webinar: In-depth on COVID19 Support Measures | 17 April 2020

Download the PDF on the AWDC Webinar: In-Depth on COVID19 Support Measures

AWDC Webinar: Polished Market - Q&A with Edahn Golan | 24 April 2020


AWDC Webinar: Rough Market: Q&A with Paul Zimnisky | 29 April 2020

Download the pdf Rough Market Q&A with Paul Zimnisky.

Download the MP3 file of the full Webinar.

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