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AWDC Webinars

The AWDC Webinars are a series of pragmatic, to-the-point webinars that deal with practical, tailor-made topics to increase the efficiency of your business. Topics range from COVID-19 supporting measures, new technologies, branding & social media, and much more!

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WEBINAR 1: An introduction to the world of WEB 3, Crypto, Blockchain & NFTs

WEBINAR 2: Dig deeper into the world of WEB 3, Crypto, Blockchain, NFTs and... Diamonds!

Webinar series : Let’s get digital!

In this series of webinars, AWDC is focusing on all things digital. Covid-19 has significantly accelerated the digital revolution, and through this series, we want to help our industry on future-proofing their company by getting started on, improving and optimizing their digital identity. We started at the beginner level, with Elle Hill’s first webinar, and moved on to intermediate level for those who already are present online, but need clues on how to improve in our second webinar. In our third session, Assem Chammah, CEO of Snikpic, a Belgian startup, presented their lean&mean and innovative approach to content creation and monitoring, and in our last session, Elle Hill took it another step further and talk about maximizing revenue through data. Check out the recordings of these webinars and stay tuned for more by registering for our dedicated newsletters.

Since then we've had a number of sessions, and you can find the recordings of them all below! 


The videos of our previous webinars can be found here! This page will be updated regularly.

AWDC Due Diligence Webinar / 31 January 2022

AWDC WEBINAR: Refresher Course Bureau Van Dijk / 24 November 2021


AWDC WEBINAR: WDC Upgraded System of Warranties / 16 November 2021


AWDC Let's Get Digital Webinar: Picup Media - Gem Loupe & Picup Media Hub  | 21 October 2021


FIT - GZDE - State of the Chinese Diamond Market & Business Opportunity through WeChat | 24 June 2021


Sarine - Traceability & Consumer Confidence | 5 May 2021


Everledger - Introducing the Everledger (Blockchain) Platform | 13 January 2021


AWDC Webinar: Tracr - How to Embrace Traceability | 14 April 2020

AWDC Webinar: UNI Diamonds - A Digital Trading Ecosystem | 20 April 2020

AWDC Webinar: In-depth on COVID19 Support Measures | 17 April 2020

Download the PDF on the AWDC Webinar: In-Depth on COVID19 Support Measures

AWDC Webinar: Polished Market - Q&A with Edahn Golan | 24 April 2020


AWDC Webinar: Rough Market: Q&A with Paul Zimnisky | 29 April 2020

Download the pdf Rough Market Q&A with Paul Zimnisky.

Download the MP3 file of the full Webinar.


AWDC Webinar: Luxury after COVID-19: Q&A with Bain & C° | 4 June 2020

Download the pdf Luxury after COVID-19 - Bain & C°

AWDC Webinar: Mindfulness in Challenging Times - Mrs Rajita Kulkarni | 12 June 2020

Let's Get Digital: Elle Hill: The importance of a Digital Identity | Wednesday, July 15

COVID-19 Govt Support measures: Loss carry-back reserve & Recovery reserve | Friday July 17

Download the presentation here


Elle Hill: How to up your Digital Game | Wednesday, July 22

Snikpic: Optimizing Social Media Content | Friday, July 24

Download the presentation here.

Elle Hill: There's More: Maximizing Revenue through Data | Wednesday, July 29

David Kellie - Introducing the Natural Diamond Council's Ad Campaign & Industry Resources

Let's Get Digital Webinar - Natural Diamond Council's New Ad Campaign with David Kellie from DiamondsLoveAntwerp on Vimeo.

AWDC Webinar: Alpha - Alternative Banking Solutions | 14 October 2020

AWDC Webinar: Picup Media - Diamond & Jewellery Photography Solution | 25 November 2020



AWDC Webinar: G7 Guidelines & | 21 March 2024

Webinar G7 Diamond Office Import Guidelines from DiamondsLoveAntwerp on Vimeo.

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